Translation of antihistamine in Spanish:


antihistamínico, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˈhɪstəmin/ /ˌænˌtaɪˈhɪstəmin/ /antɪˈhɪstəmɪn/ /antɪˈhɪstəmiːn/


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    antihistamínico masculine
    • Hay fever or some old fashioned antihistamine treatments with side effect drowsiness can generally impede your life style.
    • Your doctor might have you use antihistamine pills, a steroid cream, calamine lotion, or zinc oxide cream.
    • If this is not helpful, your doctor may prescribe stronger steroids or antihistamine pills.
    • In addition, the placebo effect is even higher when the placebo has some antihistamine effect (similar to the influence of the antidepressant on histamine receptors).
    • You can also take antihistamine tablets containing drugs such as cyclizine or cinnarizine to prevent travel or motion sickness.
    • The antihistamine drug also gets into your bloodstream and travels through the blood to your brain.
    • The antihistamine effects on performance have previously been measured in an actual driving test in normal traffic.
    • If you are vomiting a lot, the antihistamine medicine, promethazine, may help.
    • Such drugs as antihistamines and tricyclic antidepressants likely exaggerate this proarrhythmic potential.
    • When avoidance isn't possible, antihistamine medications may be prescribed to block the release of histamine in the body.
    • Symptoms disappeared and antihistamine medication was discontinued on day 4 of the treatment diet.
    • Allergic rhinitis is treated with antihistamine drugs or local steroid sprays.
    • Your doctor also might prescribe a non-drowsy oral antihistamine or antihistamine eye drops.
    • Further treatment is symptomatic and may include topical corticosteroids, oral antihistamines, and oral steroids.
    • Research has shown that cold and allergy medications such as antihistamines and decongestants are not helpful in preventing them.
    • He or she may recommend additional treatment, such as antihistamines or antibiotics.
    • Effective treatments include antihistamine medicines, in the form of tablet or liquid, inhalers, nasal spays and also eye drops.
    • Taking antihistamine tablets may also help reduce itching - ask your pharmacist for advice.
    • Transfusion should be interrupted until symptomatic relief is achieved following antihistamine administration.
    • These agents may also be added to antihistamine therapy.