Translation of antimacassar in Spanish:


antimacasar, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iməˈkæsər/ /ˌantɪməˈkasə/


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    antimacasar masculine
    • Traditionally they have only been provided in first - class accommodation and this will be the first time a whole mixed charter train has been provided with linen antimacassars.
    • For those who came of age with Habitat, he offered alternatives to the dreaded three-piece suites, armchairs with antimacassars and standard lamps with tasselled shades.
    • Do they sport antimacassars on the back of their leather desk chairs?
    • All is peaceful this afternoon amid the dove-grey seats with antimacassars as white as the table-cloths.
    • It was a quick transport back to antimacassars, short pants and scratchy-needle upholstery.
    • Rather unwisely Mr Morrison took himself off to Italy as the nation's landladies wept into their antimacassars.
    • I want you to know Mr. Brown, that I don't take off my antimacassar for just anyone.
    • It has a carefully excogitated circular structure, whereby its beginning manages to bite its tail, its way of getting there is haphazard and halting, its often windy dialogue a poor antimacassar for its spindly furnishings.
    • Around 1850, these started to be known as antimacassars.
    • Twenty medallions will make a fair size antimacassar; they are united by a stitch of single crochet.