Translation of antinuclear in Spanish:


antinuclear, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˈn(j)ukliər/ /ˌæn(t)aɪˈn(j)ukliər/ /antɪˈnjuːklɪə/


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    • The four anti-nuclear campaigners believed nuclear weapons were being held at the Suffolk base and said they tried to get into the base to get photographic evidence.
    • The logic of their own arguments will lead the Green leaders to call for the police truncheon and harsher punishment against anti-nuclear activists.
    • The anti-nuclear Liberal Democrats have threatened to use their position in the Executive to veto any planning permission for new nuclear plants.
    • Aldermaston has also been a prominent focus of environmental and anti-nuclear campaigners over many years.
    • An anti-nuclear campaigner from Greenpeace International has visited the Chernobyl site but would not recommend it.
    • He says a National government may change New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy without a referendum.
    • A large number were veterans of the anti-Vietnam War and anti-nuclear protests, with the vast majority well over the age of 40.
    • The country's anti-nuclear policy of the past several decades has very much been tied up with combating the influence of France in the Pacific.
    • The British Labour party, for instance, was once the anti-nuclear and unilateral disarmament party.
    • Today my anti-war comrades are taking part in the 4 day anti-nuclear weapons march, from Trafalgar square to the Aldermaston army base.
    • It brought together veteran anti-nuclear protesters with new people.
    • If we campaign against any new nuclear power build, and rely on such statements, it might interest the local community and those in the anti-nuclear lobby.
    • Many new anti-nuclear protesters were present, as well as long-term campaigners who were surprised with the success of the blockade.
    • By 1986, around three quarters of the population supported the nuclear ship ban and anti-nuclear towns and cities sprang up all over.
    • This was their most successful anti-nuclear activity to date and surprised anti-nuclear activists all over the world.
    • There aren't many Lib Dems I'd want, but these are really good people who were involved in an anti-nuclear campaign.
    • He refused to pay a fine for breach of the peace during an anti-nuclear weapons protest.
    • A massive, official protest in June was followed by a wave of strikes and protests by workers, students, anti-nuclear and anti-fascist protesters.
    • Four decades after the first London to Aldermaston anti-nuclear march, a fresh generation of marchers will follow the same route this Easter.
    • That should begin with the anti-nuclear mobilisations planned as part of the G8 protests.