Translation of antipathy in Spanish:


antipatía, n.

Pronunciation /ænˈtipəθi/ /anˈtɪpəθi/

nounplural antipathies

  • 1

    antipatía feminine
    aversión feminine
    antipathy to/toward sb/sth antipatía hacia algn/algo
    aversión hacia algn/algo
    • In my view, his condition will persist while he remains in conflict with the Force as his antipathy is now so deep-seated and consuming.
    • As is customary, much was made of the mutual antipathy between the two fighters in the run-up to the contest.
    • Whatever the accuracy of those perceptions, the mutual antipathy is unspoken, but pervasive.
    • The wee Glasgow derby may lack the sectarian undertones of the big one, but it lacks none of the mutual antipathy.
    • The only person I know who could afford to live in Japan for a stint returned home with an acute allergy and antipathy to fish.
    • Still, there is plenty of blame on both sides of the Atlantic for this display of mutual antipathy.
    • The Premiership clubs have never disguised their antipathy to the principle of one up, one down.
    • This affects my entire perception of the city, filling me with disquiet, antipathy and even a certain revulsion.
    • There were many strands of antipathy in his life, among which a dislike for children seems to have been a constant.
    • This should go down in the annals of history, as I've never enjoyed doing a job before, managing at best antipathy.
    • This antipathy towards fiction is a little difficult to understand.
    • This was unusual, given conventional medicine's antipathy towards anything considered wacky or unprovable.
    • Might it not, however, be more accurate to call it antipathy?
    • Mr Fowler's antipathy can be traced to his father, who fought in the First World War and was less than impressed by the French war leaders.
    • Webber got pregnant, although by the time the baby was born her antipathy towards him was so great she refused to put his name on the birth certificate.
    • That is not to say he has any antipathy towards Coulthard.
    • So Davis will begin his second term under clouds of apathy, if not antipathy.
    • And the level of antipathy towards the president's visit shocked some.
    • Despite my antipathy to regular cleaning, I love intensive organizing and cleaning sessions.
    • Despite her antipathy towards MacKenzie, she may well have picked up pointers from him about how to manage journalists.