Translation of antipersonnel in Spanish:


antipersonal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˌpərsəˈnɛl/ /ˌæn(t)aɪˌpərsəˈnɛl/ /antɪpəːsəˈnɛl/


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    (mine/weapon) (invariable adjective) antipersonal
    • To reduce or eliminate the use of certain weapons that are indiscriminate in character, such as anti-personnel landmines.
    • Smoke and CS grenades can be used to flush out men in cellars and sewers, while white phosphorous grenades can be used to create smoke or as an anti-personnel weapon.
    • The rather more rare anti-personnel rockets will spew out fragments up to 30 feet or more.
    • He would be even angrier at those who manufacture and sell the anti-personnel landmines that kill 200 equally innocent, but non-Australian people, every couple of days.
    • These bombs were not just lethal and nasty anti-personnel weapons but were also at the time highly classified.
    • There was an erroneous assumption that the sticky foam would be used as an anti-personnel weapon, and visions of an agitator with his head covered with a blob of foam prevented a more careful analysis of the intended use of the foam.
    • The effects would range from - if you're using it purely as a mine clearance device then you are creating large gaps within minefields, to perhaps in a far less palatable sense, an anti-personnel weapon.
    • He has posed undercover to buy anti-personnel landmines, in contravention of the 1998 Landmines Act, and he showed the relative ease with which it was possible to get postal votes on behalf of dead people.
    • The use of anti-personnel weapons in urban areas where they endanger large numbers of civilians is a violation of international law.
    • They're anti-personnel weapons; they're intended to give amputation wounds.
    • In the 1990s, outrage about the continuing manufacture and trade in anti-personnel weapons steadily grew.
    • It has also been widely used as an anti-personnel weapon, in battle and in terrorist attacks.
    • He had mounted on his plane his most cherished weapon, ideal for the task it now fulfilled: an anti-personnel cannon, the traditional weapon of the Army for use in hunting men.
    • The fragments would shred an aeroplane's fuselage and render it inoperable, making the anti-personnel bombs very effective on airfield raids.
    • They carried two incendiary and one anti-personnel bomb.
    • Eventually, 102 countries were represented at the conference that signed a convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel landmines.
    • Additionally, and consistent with Australia's obligations under the Ottawa Convention, Australian forces will not use or assist or encourage others to use anti-personnel landmines.
    • For instance, it is estimated that one anti-personnel landmine can be bought at a paltry US $3, yet it costs up to US $1,000 to clear a single landmine.
    • Ten years on, he is the inventor of the country's first anti-personnel landmine disposal machine, and is helping clear the deadly invisible enemy from Afghanistan to Nicaragua.
    • The 2,000 arrows and nearly 150 longbows found on board reflect the continuing reliance on traditional methods of anti-personnel artillery.