Translation of antiracism in Spanish:


antirracismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˈreɪˌsɪzəm/ /ˌæn(t)aɪˈreɪˌsɪzəm/ /antɪˈreɪsɪz(ə)m/


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    antirracismo masculine
    (statement/campaign) (before noun) contra el racismo
    • This would be the blueprint for all schooling: I'd promote anti-racism and religious tolerance so pupils knew what it was.
    • They are not concerned with working-class solidarity, anti-racism, human rights and democratic politics.
    • He's somebody who strongly promotes anti-racism and equality.
    • Many came from groups associated with the Church, pacifism and anti-racism.
    • A tradition of anti-racism in this country has been forged.
    • This presentation of a society in which racism is everywhere and in everybody is a million miles away from the traditional understanding of racism and anti-racism.
    • And tomorrow it will be the leftists, socialists, anti-war and anti-racism campaigners if this is allowed to continue.
    • With its compelling message of anti-racism, tolerance, and pluralism, it is seen as a useful way to combat Islamophobia and reassure British Muslims.
    • Indian and Sri Lankan dancing and a Malaysian wedding ceremony were some of the highlights of a day that promoted cultural diversity and anti-racism.
    • Official anti-racism has given to racial questions a cardinal importance that they never had before.
    • It called for employees of state services to be given cultural and anti-racism training to prevent racism in the workplace.
    • Case studies of best anti-racism practice both at home and abroad are being distributed to companies here.
    • That made it possible for people to leave without giving up on their anti-racism.
    • These events and conflicts linked anti-racism to democratic political development more strongly than ever before.
    • What's more, amongst 16 to 30 year olds, anti-racism is strengthening.
    • As such it is a general expression of anti-racism.
    • The session on defending communities turned into a riveting debate covering crime, housing, anti-racism and asylum seekers.
    • Fought for, but never fully achieved - which brings us to the second principle: consistent anti-racism.
    • Brando's commitment to anti-racism was lifelong and heartfelt.