Translation of antitank in Spanish:


antitanque, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˈtæŋk/ /ˌæn(t)aɪˈtæŋk/ /antɪˈtaŋk/


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    • There are a total of four different weapons at your disposal: a machine gun, an anti-tank weapon, missiles and a pistol.
    • Lite can be used as a hand-held system, fitted to weapons such as machine guns, or used as a tracker for anti-aircraft or anti-tank missile firing posts.
    • Tanks often spend time fighting each other, and their sights work much like the sights used to target and guide anti-tank missiles.
    • The gunmen displayed assault rifles, grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and homemade anti-tank missiles.
    • Motorized rifle subunits are reinforced with tanks and anti-tank and obstacle clearing assets.
    • The army said soldiers fired in response to an anti-tank missile and several firebombs.
    • Kevlar panels protects the occupants from close threats like rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles.
    • He remembered how he had watched as the first anti-tank missile impacted on his commander's tank, quickly followed by many others.
    • Approaches were obstructed by anti-tank and anti-personnel mines and barbed wire, and covered by anti-tank guns and machine-guns.
    • And then, 10 anti-tank missiles are fired into the house, causing massive damage.
    • The four deaths were all as a result of firing anti-tank missiles!
    • You have a limited number of machine gun and pistol bullets, and even fewer missiles and anti-tank rounds.
    • The military said troops fired at two armed men, one aiming an anti-tank missile.
    • That's assuming that the helicopters are equipped only with anti-tank missiles and crossbows.
    • What is the difference between an anti-ship missile and an anti-tank missile?
    • It uses electrically charged plating to vaporise anti-tank missiles before they can penetrate the rest of the armour.
    • But it is believed the arms haul includes anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.
    • Armed with anti-tank missiles, they can be used for assassinations and attacks.
    • This will not be solved by snipers or by anti-tank missiles from helicopters.
    • If it is an anti-tank missile, you have a second or two to kill him before he kills you.