Translation of anxious in Spanish:


preocupado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋ(k)ʃəs/ /ˈaŋ(k)ʃəs/

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  • 1

    to be anxious about/for sth
    • There is actually another group of people who are much more anxious about the outcome than any of the above.
    • Now they are also edgy, anxious, fearful, often depressed and undeniably kinder.
    • His anxious relatives are desperate for reassurance that he is safe.
    • Those who are sensitive, nervous and anxious, with a reserved nature, are prone.
    • My mother appeared to have been gone a long time and my brothers and I were anxious waiting her return.
    • She is becoming nervous and anxious but there are still four people in front of her.
    • The big turning point for me was when I was taking my finals and I felt so anxious and nervous.
    • She looked anxious, as if waiting for the bell to toll so that she could bolt from the classroom.
    • She was nervous and excited and anxious and hundreds of other things all at once.
    • Instead of getting ready for bed, she returned to the chair in which she had sat, anxious, waiting for her twin to wake up.
    • Johnny appears disappointed to see him, but generally nervous and anxious as well.
    • Some may be anxious and nervous or may develop behaviours to avoid stimuli that remind them of past experiences.
    • He seemed distressed and anxious but refused an offer to speak to someone else.
    • It's different in new company - I start to get anxious and worry what they are thinking.
    • They are done to scare people and to frighten them, to make them anxious and worried.
    • It was unacceptable that anxious patients should wait for hours in crowded accident and emergency departments.
    • The small courtyard is also crowded with anxious relatives and concerned neighbours.
    • The long wait was over on Tuesday as anxious teenagers across Orkney began receiving exam results.
    • My biggest personality flaw was catching up to me as I began to feel anxious and worried.
    • How many times, when you hear of an approaching storm, do you get worried or anxious?
  • 2

    (time/moment) (lleno) de preocupación
    • We had a bit of an anxious moment while we looked for the area, only to happily discover it was just north of our turnoff to the east.
    • However her supporters had some anxious moments before they collected their winnings.
    • They began stringing the ball about in a confident fashion not witnessed during the anxious moments late last year.
    • Residents have many anxious moments and it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.
    • The next round of anxious moments will come when the engineering admission rank list is released.
    • He says that while choosing a career, both students and parents will have anxious moments.
    • It has also been a very anxious day for those who are trying to stop that recall election.
    • In fact they gave their true blue supporters who travelled some very anxious moments.
    • We repeat our thanks to counsel for their most helpful submissions in this very anxious case.
    • But I can also remember that situation as such an emotional and anxious time.
    • Parents began arriving at the school within an hour of the accident and many had an anxious wait to hear if their children were hurt.
    • Today his family told the Daily Echo about their anxious wait for news.
    • In the meantime, the family are facing an anxious wait for the next contact with their sister.
    • Generations will remember the long, anxious waits for the jab to save them from the deadly smallpox virus.
    • All the work and the anxious wait culminated in the final results today.
    • Householders faced an anxious wait to see if their homes would be flooded.
    • They faced an anxious wait to find out whether any of the orchid had survived.
    • Then came an anxious wait for these times to be compared with the others before.
    • Meanwhile, with the independent schools application results due out any day, parents face an anxious wait.
    • I would imagine his recovery process has been a long and anxious wait for them.
  • 3

    to be anxious to + inf
    to be anxious that
    • You can't look up anymore, only down at the ground, anxious to avoid a similar encounter.
    • Both are anxious to avoid a house price and consumer spending crash.
    • As children, when my brother Bob and I were anxious to avoid doing our homework, we'd fly round to her house.
    • The council is anxious to avoid British government interference in the project as it could delay it further.
    • The three parties are anxious to avoid political turmoil to keep local government stability in the town.
    • Universities themselves seem anxious to avoid misrepresentation in this area.
    • What we are most anxious to avoid, however, is that that becomes a superstructure.
    • At that point, the government backed down, anxious to avoid further diplomatic damage.
    • She prefers independent travel and is anxious to avoid busy resorts fulls of couples and families.
    • Individuals anxious to avoid making a capital loss sell for a lower price than they would otherwise do.
    • He is anxious to avoid having them added to a portfolio as an exclusively commercial asset.
    • He said they were anxious to promote the development of the concert hall.
    • Grim-faced shepherds swing heavy cudgels, anxious to be clear of the road where horns blare impatiently.
    • And above all a population keen, eager, anxious even to embrace their visitors.
    • Nevertheless, when he did play there was no keener performer on the field, nor one more anxious to do well for his side.
    • There was evidence that he was anxious to give up work because of concerns about his health.
    • I was anxious to do something with my son that was honest, that revealed both of us.
    • The question is are we going to exhaust those options, we're not anxious to do that.
    • His relatives are anxious that this decision and the incident are not repeated.
    • The Social Services are anxious that women in such situations should know that help is available.