Translation of any in Spanish:


alguno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛni/


  • 1

    (with negative and implied negative)
    don't buy any more eggs no compres más huevos
    • we forgot to buy any flowers nos olvidamos de comprar flores
    • aren't there any apples left? ¿no queda ninguna manzana?
    • I don't have any patience with such people no tengo ninguna paciencia con ese tipo de gente
    • don't make any noise no hagas ruido
    • we forgot to get any coffee nos olvidamos de comprar café
    • try to prevent any trouble trata de evitar cualquier problema
    • didn't he give you any money at all? ¿no te dio nada de dinero?
    • don't take any notice no le/les hagas caso
    • it doesn't make any sense no tiene ningún sentido
    • he didn't leave any telephone number no nos dejó ningún número de teléfono
    • I don't know any Tom Smith no conozco a ningún Tom Smith
    • I didn't say any such thing! ¡yo no dije tal cosa!
    • Not like you had any choice about the matter, packed lunches were banned, so you had to cough up.
    • He tiptoed around it, trying not to get any of the putrid matter slop onto his fluffy bunny slippers.
    • Not that any of that matters, but if these guys mess up again, an awful lot of people are going to get mad.
    • I don't want you to go, either, but it looks like we don't really have any choice in the matter.
    • Again, however, there is no provision for any of these matters to be met out of third party funds.
    • In this case they've solved a problem without referring to any of their memories.
    • We have not commented here on any of the other matters covered in the Griffiths report.
    • It's important that you don't hold back any information, no matter how small you may think it is now.
    • If you've got any of your own tips, feel free to share in the comments section.
    • Have any of you got any hints and tips for me?
    • We were not asked or given the choice about any of the changes to our contracts of employment.
    • They said they could not see any purpose in referring the matter back to the board.
    • None of these people has shown us or referred us to any specific documents in support of the information.
    • They are not making any comment on the matter and are awaiting the referee's report of the incident.
    • If there were any anomalies, no matter where they were marked, we would be challenging them.
    • Whether or not it should be made available to everyone without any strictures is another matter.
    • It is not known if the councils are planning to take any action in the matter at this stage.
    • One in four of those questioned said they did not know nor had any view on the matter.
    • Unless there are any other matters than those which we can address in a memorandum.
    • Spink is keen to see any examples of similar notes and will offer a free valuation to anyone who has any.
  • 2

    (in questions)
    are there any questions/problems? ¿alguien tiene alguna pregunta/algún problema?
    • does she have any children/brothers or sisters? ¿tiene hijos/hermanos?
    • do you need any help? ¿necesitas ayuda?
    • do you want any more coffee? ¿quieres más café?
    • is she in any danger? ¿corre (algún) peligro?
    • have you had any news? ¿has tenido alguna noticia?
    • is there any chance they'll come? ¿existe alguna posibilidad de que vengan?
  • 3

    (in conditional sentences)
    call me if there are any changes llámame si hay algún cambio
    • if you see any flowers, buy some si ves flores, compra algunas
    • report any accidents to me infórmeme de cualquier accidente que ocurra
    • any more mistakes and she goes si sigue cometiendo errores / como siga cometiendo errores, se va a tener que ir
    • let me know if you have any pain avíseme si siente dolor
    • any rivalry between them soon disappeared si había existido entre ellos alguna rivalidad, pronto desapareció
    • take any money you need toma el dinero que necesites
    • if any lawyer can help you, she can si hay un abogado que te pueda ayudar, es ella
    • any upset could kill him cualquier disgusto podría matarlo
    • any act of disobedience will be punished toda desobediencia será castigada
    • She cringed, remembering how Sara had asked her to take notes in any of the classes she would be missing.
    • Boxing will be in for a treat if any of the class of 2004 show even a flash of their brilliance.
    • An hour spent with any of those people and you feel like clapping for joy, or asking if you can do it all again.
    • Second, there is more material to be taught in any given class than there is time to teach it.
    • At the end of the year, more prefects were chosen from my class than from any other.
    • Officers have made more arrests for class A offences than any other county division.
    • Gentility and respectability are the last things people of any class wish to symbolise now.
    • The ruling classes in any country never have at heart the best interests of their subjects.
    • At this stage you can whisk or stir in any chosen flavouring such as sweet chilli sauce.
    • They'll be able to advise you on any parts of the class that are now unsuitable.
    • Math always came easy to me, so I really don't ever have to pay attention in any math class.
    • She would always be the first one to raise a class discussion about any topic, in any class.
    • He is a world class player and any team would benefit from having him in the side.
    • It also expects to be a major beneficiary if any of the current proposals to extend pub hours are made law.
    • The plug you see below the fitting is the only part of any of these that is visible, and even then is difficult to spot.
    • He said that any fool could bet on a busted flush in poker, or swear that black is white, but that isn't a classic lie.
    • The work ethic culture has resulted in men working longer hours than in any other European country.
    • Prior to this illegally parked vehicles were clamped at any hour of the day or night.
    • The Rolling Stones, the Who and Led Zeppelin were liable to drop in at any hour, day or night.
    • Mostly though he breaks up the sentences so any fool would know to read them.
  • 4

    (no matter which)
    take any book you want llévate cualquier libro / el libro que quieras
    • take any books you want llévate los libros que quieras
    • pick a card, any card at all elige una carta cualquiera
    • take any three for the price of two llévese tres a su elección por el precio de dos
    • any one of them could be the murderer cualquiera de ellos podría ser el asesino
    • it could be for any one of the following reasons podría ser por cualquiera de las siguientes razones
    • it's true; ask any doctor es verdad; pregúntale a cualquier médico
    • call me any time llámame cuando quieras
    • thanks a lot! — any time! ¡muchas gracias! — ¡de nada!
  • 5

    (every, all)
    any other firm would have fired them en cualquier otra empresa los hubieran echado
    • in any large school, you'll find that … en cualquier / todo colegio grande, verás que …
    • I wouldn't consider it under any circumstances no lo consideraría bajo ningún concepto
  • 6

    (ordinary, typical)
    it looks like any London street se parece a cualquier calle de Londres


  • 1

    • 1.1

      those chocolates were nice, are there any left? ¡qué ricos esos bombones! ¿queda alguno?
      • have you read any of her other books? ¿has leído alguno de sus otros libros / algún otro de sus libros?
      • is / are any of you familiar with the procedure? ¿alguno de ustedes está familiarizado con el trámite?

    • 1.2

      we need sugar; did you buy any? nos hace falta azúcar ¿compraste?
      • is there any of that cake left? ¿queda algo de ese pastel?

  • 2

    • 2.1

      buy some red ones if you can find any compra algunas rojas si encuentras
      • the advantages, if any, are marginal las ventajas, si (es que) las hay, son marginales
      • if any of my friends calls, take a message si llama alguno de mis amigos, toma el recado

    • 2.2

      help yourself to cake if you want any sírvete pastel si quieres
      • if any of the meat is contaminated si hay carne contaminada

  • 3

    • 3.1

      some children were here — I didn't see any aquí había algunos niños — yo no vi (a) ninguno / no los vi
      • you'll have to go without cigarettes; I forgot to buy any te vas a tener que arreglar sin cigarrillos porque me olvidé de comprar
      • I didn't see any of those films/your friends no vi ninguna de esas películas/a ninguno de tus amigos

    • 3.2

      she offered me some wine, but I didn't want any me ofreció vino, pero no quise
      • I didn't understand any of that lecture no entendí nada de esa conferencia

  • 4

    (no matter which)
    which would you like? — any will do ¿cuál quieres? — cualquiera (sirve)
    • you could win any of these prizes podrías ganar cualquiera de estos premios
    • this one is better than any I've seen before este es el mejor de los que he visto hasta ahora


  • 1

    do you feel any better now? ¿te sientes (algo) mejor ahora?
    • if I stay here any longer, I'll go mad si me quedo aquí un minuto más, me voy a volver loca
    • I can't stand it any longer no lo soporto más
    • things aren't any better in the new house las cosas no andan (nada) mejor en la nueva casa
    • they don't live here any more ya no viven aquí
    • Luckily they don't have to scrape about any further as the survey is in again.
    • If it had gone on any longer we may well not have lived to tell the tale.
    • This, however, didn't make her feel any the better.
    • We wouldn't be any better a nation if the distillation process had never been discovered.
    • He didn't grow any taller, but his messy red hair straightened out and became slightly more orange.
    • Two of the lads, David and Neil, said no one was any the worse for their experience.
    • I don't think any good can come from filing a lawsuit against the jury.
    • As such it should not be allowed to influence our public life any further.
    • The support bus picked me up along with all the others who were too exhausted to go any further.
    • Ron said he decided to ring the Evening Press and place the advert before the rumour made it any further.
    • We hope he has a good accountant and focuses mainly on what he is good at, in order not to confuse people any further.
    • A more superstitious premier might have resolved not to tempt fate any further.
    • Richard chose not to take it any further, but at the back of his mind he knew always knew something was not quite right.
    • Before we could go any further on the subject, he says he prefers to talk about art.
    • In less than a minute, they decide whether or not they want to take it any further.
    • He said often it was a lack of confidence or opportunity that stopped the young people going any further.
    • Before I go any further can I say that I am as guilty of this as many of you are out there.
    • The third was due to start last week, but Customs indicated they would not be taking the case any further.
    • If it were to stretch any further they'd be rolling up their trousers and paddling in the icy North Sea.
    • I find Europe so fascinating that I'd be quite happy if I never went any further again.
  • 2US

    (at all)
    have you thought about it any since then? ¿has pensado en ello desde entonces?
    • it doesn't seem to have affected him any no parece haberlo afectado en absoluto / (para) nada
    • Yes he has hit into bad luck, and the new defensive approach hasn't helped him any.
    • It didn't seem to hurt him any.
    • He has a slight limp due to a healed injury to a front foreleg, but that sure doesn't hinder him any!
    • At this point in his life we do not want him to be a part of it either, we don't want to confuse him any, as far as he is concerned I am his Dad.
    • She’s a tiny creature but I don’t think that should hinder her any.