Translation of anyplace in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛniˌpleɪs/ /ˈɛnɪpleɪs/


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    • Have you ever seen anyplace in the world more beautiful?
    • But the owner, who's 83 years old, Kyra, says he wouldn't think of building anyplace else.
    • But I feel more safe, actually, in the inner city than I do anyplace else.
    • I've heard Argentines say that Buenos Aires is more densely populated by psychoanalysts than anyplace else in the world.
    • I'm going to campaign anyplace he wants me, anyplace he needs me.
    • And South Korea has more wireless hot spots per capita than anyplace else.
    • He may just be wanting to spread law enforcement thin, maybe wanting to say I can hit anywhere and anyplace, and you can't stop me.
    • In the end they didn't seem to lead anyplace all that great.
    • Let's hope these tropical storms, these depressions out there get nowhere close to Miami or anyplace else in Florida.
    • The flood water tugs at the cobbles, sometimes moving them bit by bit toward someplace, anyplace, downstream.
    • They're - FBI agents are some of the finest people you'll find anyplace in the country or the world.
    • What about the small family farmers who don't really export their products to China or anyplace else, for that matter?
    • It's slowly recovering, but it's not anyplace near where it should be.
    • And with this network we're able to locate earthquakes anyplace in the world very soon after they occur.
    • It gives them every power they need to go anyplace, anytime, interview any person, seize any document, and so on.
    • Guess what the total cost is for the phone company to transmit your long distance call from your phone to anyplace in the US?
    • It doesn't require a cable or phone line, and can be operated from anyplace where there's an electric wall outlet.
    • I don't know if he wants it or would take it, and I'm not aware of anyplace where he's given any hints, either.
    • There's a spirit in England that is quite different from anyplace else.
    • These assumptions often provoke heated disagreements because it is so hard to find anyplace to look to settle them.