Translation of anytime in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛniˌtaɪm/ /ˈɛnɪtʌɪm/


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    • They even made up a little skit to go along with it and would put on a show anytime we had company.
    • This is a scene that gets played out anytime she's mad at me and is by God going to show me.
    • Well, frankly, it's anytime I want it to be, which is dependent on how hungry I am for it.
    • If you hear a song you like, you just record it onto a tape and then you can play it anytime you want!
    • Winchester north was set aside as a fifth reserve site, which could be used anytime after 2001.
    • Rather, just one of those tragic moments which can blight people's lives anywhere, anytime.
    • The plan allows withdrawals in parts at anytime after the completion of first policy year.
    • Russia is not a member of the European Union and is not likely to join it anytime soon.
    • The pace of reforms has not increased since it came to power last year, and is not likely to do so anytime soon.
    • I can't imagine a project of this scope being done again anytime soon, so it needed to be acknowledged.
    • Endeavour to give me your private telephone and fax numbers so that I can reach you anytime.
    • Laura had a bad habit of biting her nails and told Sara to hit her anytime she caught her.
    • It's a safe bet that we can now turn on the tube anytime in the day and will find decent sports programming.
    • Of course other people are welcome to take a stroll through Rotary Park anytime they want.
    • Local people have to close their windows anytime the wind is coming from the north, he added.
    • It is unlikely they will see dividends anytime over the next five years, said Mr Horgan.
    • But as the school is at a house, she could see me anytime she was out of the classroom.
    • On top of that, sports officials should give athletes a bonus anytime they break a record.
    • Do we identify safe shelters and pack up our valuables ready to go anytime at a moment's notice?
    • I don't know what the landlord will say, but they won't be receiving any cheques anytime soon.