Translation of anywhere in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɛniˌ(h)wɛr/ /ˈɛnɪwɛː/


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    (no matter where)
    I'm prepared to go anywhere estoy dispuesto a ir a cualquier sitio / lugar / lado
    • where shall I put it? — oh, anywhere ¿dónde lo pongo? — en cualquier sitio / lugar / lado
    • you can sit anywhere you like te puedes sentar donde quieras
    • you can go anywhere you want puedes ir adonde quieras
    • she just flings her clothes down anywhere tira la ropa por cualquier sitio / lugar / lado / parte
    • its value is anywhere between $75 and $100 su valor oscila entre los 75 y los 100 dólares
    • Within the bounds of goat's milk there are so many flavours, ranging anywhere from sweet and tangy to just plain stinky.
    • Depending on who you spoke with, the death toll ranged anywhere from two to ten.
    • Estimates on when further action may start up range anywhere from three to nine months.
    • Along the route the rocks range anywhere from gumball size to golf ball size and larger.
    • Today, their number is estimated to be anywhere from 200,000 to more than half a million.
    • Food banks at these universities are open anywhere from two to 40 hours per week.
    • You can spend anywhere from a couple of hours to the entire day enjoying the Cades Cove loop.
    • The Amundsen will stay at each stop anywhere from one to three days, depending on the size of the community.
    • The entire play is a lengthy affair and may sometimes take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks for completion.
    • No personal belongings were found on the body which had been in the river for anywhere between three and 12 months.
    • These can be anywhere from eight to 30 years old and are generally consumed straight.
    • At the right price, they agree to have a corporate logo tattooed on to their skin for anywhere between a few days and several years.
    • I'd put their ages at eight and ten, although they could have been anywhere from four to thirty-seven.
    • They can be anywhere from too small to be seen with the naked eye to as big as the chips thrown out by a chainsaw.
    • It is a technical matter, which may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to settle, he explained.
    • It would be anywhere from four to six months or longer before we would be back in our homes.
    • These milkmen supply anywhere between ten and thirty litres a day to households.
    • With recorded information the point of consumption can be anywhere from seconds to millennia ahead.
    • Foulds also said the delays could take anywhere from three to four weeks to straighten out.
    • But from then on, the length before the case comes to trial can be anywhere from six months to years.
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    (in, to any unspecified place)
    have you seen my book anywhere? ¿has visto mi libro por alguna parte / por algún lado?
    • it isn't anywhere in the office en la oficina no está
    • we never go anywhere together nunca vamos juntos a ningún lado / sitio
    • Once you've got your message written, you can fire it off to anywhere in the world for 22 cents.
    • You travel anywhere else in the world, and you'll find real weather.
    • Is it childish for me to refuse to imagine life anywhere else when I haven't tried it yet?
    • It could be set anywhere in the world as it is about the conflict between man and the environment and about man versus man.
    • They offer volume and student discounts and will send mail orders anywhere.
    • This place is home, if anywhere is, and I love it with a deep passion.
    • The simplicity of the design allows for quick and easy set up anywhere around town where concrete exists.
    • The White Ribbon Campaign stands for peace anywhere, everywhere, and in any form.
    • Violence of any type by anyone and anywhere should be vehemently condemned.
    • We see national glory in State of Art installations, to match the best anywhere in the world.
    • This was as good a goal as you would see anywhere this year and is definitely a candidate for the goal of the season accolade.
    • With all the various airlines operating from the airport it is easy and convenient to travel anywhere.
    • The service is provided anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local call.
    • Matthews will still be able to drink in pubs, but will breach the order if he is caught boozing in public anywhere in England or Wales.
    • It is the biggest cash grant for surgeries anywhere outside London.
    • You can go to Spain or anywhere else in Europe and smoke by the bar or while sitting in a pub, or even go into a shop and smoke.
    • The bag can then be placed anywhere where space is limited, such as with a concrete or paved backyard, patio, or balcony.
    • Mr Ings said he believed the gang stole the cigarettes because they are a high-value product that can be sold anywhere.
    • He knows what frightens us most is that the next attack could be anywhere, anytime.
    • Larry, we have the safest food supply anywhere in the world, but there are some gaps in it.


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    is there anywhere that sells oysters? ¿hay algún sitio / lugar donde vendan ostras?
    • there isn't anywhere open at this time a estas horas no hay nada / no hay ningún lugar / sitio abierto
    • she hasn't anywhere to stay no tiene donde quedarse
    • I didn't have anywhere to go.
    • Is there anywhere we can go that God doesn’t see?
    • Is there anywhere I can buy a Mountain Bike online?