Translation of apartheid in Spanish:


apartheid, n.

Pronunciation /əˈpɑrtˌ(h)eɪt/ /əˈpɑrtˌ(h)aɪt/ /əˈpɑːtheɪt/ /əˈpɑːtʌɪd/

Definition of apartheid in Spanish


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    apartheid masculine
    • An interesting point that Rose was quoted on in the Guardian was that he applied the same boycott to South Africa under apartheid.
    • It is the same story in every subsequent popular revolution, up to and including the overthrow of apartheid in South Africa.
    • Black people's struggle against apartheid in South Africa attracted immense worldwide solidarity.
    • Also arrested were dozens of former fighters in the struggle to liberate South Africa from apartheid.
    • Incredibly, a decade after the end of apartheid this system still exists.
    • This was as part of a protest against South Africa's policy of apartheid.
    • People are taking full advantage of the democratic spaces won against apartheid.
    • We urgently need to build a solidarity movement on the scale of those against South African apartheid and the Vietnam War in the past.
    • South Africa returned to the Commonwealth in 1994 after the policy of apartheid had been abandoned.
    • It was inspired by the economic boycotts that helped end apartheid in South Africa.
    • The difference is that under apartheid that was the official policy of the Government.
    • Would they copy the South African model and adopt a system of apartheid, based on skin colour?
    • Never shy of taking risks, the series tackled such contentious issues as feminism and South African apartheid.
    • But apartheid, the system that dominated every aspect of South African life, is over.
    • Observers said it was the most momentous political development since the end of apartheid in South Africa.
    • Similar methods helped bring apartheid to an end in South Africa.
    • I lived for many years in South Africa, during the dark days of apartheid.
    • Growing up in South Africa during apartheid, he has a clue about what it means to have minority groups in a society.
    • I was part of the first Scottish educational mission to South Africa since apartheid was dismantled.