Translation of apathy in Spanish:


apatía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæpəθi/ /ˈapəθi/

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    apatía feminine
    apathy toward sth indiferenciahacia algo
    extreme apathy abulia
    • to be sunk in apathy estar hundido / sumido en la apatía
    • Another reason for voter apathy is a lack of confidence in politicians.
    • He also signalled the need for politicians to combat public apathy by re-establishing trust.
    • The apathy and lack of compassion he describes, are also present in our own US health care system.
    • That chasm is reflected as well in the widespread apathy of the public toward the election.
    • The issue of student apathy has been tossed around a lot this past couple weeks.
    • It was a dismal campaign characterised by public apathy and political evasiveness.
    • In this day and age of political apathy, there's at least one group I respect.
    • Politicians blame the public for their apathy at election times but the public think it is the other way round.
    • There is a lot of apathy and some residents are only just beginning to realise how much it will affect them.
    • She came to see me at a local clinic and I was very concerned about her, particularly her very marked apathy.
    • So far, however, they have not been able to rouse their compatriots from their apathy.
    • I find it very difficult not to sink into a state of apathy when watching that, because it's the same day after day.
    • Despondency and political apathy are not characteristic of people in the grip of nationalist zeal.
    • Indeed there does appear to be a great deal of apathy up until this weekend when a number of people attended a march in London.
    • A project which aims to shape a rural community for future generations has met with apathy, says a group.
    • However, we must also look at how much apathy there is within our community towards local politicians.
    • The reason people stay at home is apathy, cultivated by a belief they won't be listened to by the powers that be.
    • I was reading about voter apathy, particularly amongst the young, the other day.
    • This shows apathy on the part of the Government to the problems of the common man.
    • We may not be able to institute change, but apathy is the death of all dialogue and debate.