Translation of apeman in Spanish:


hombre mono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪpˌmæn/ /ˈeɪpmən/

nounplural apemen

  • 1

    hombre mono masculine
    • Even evolutionists have decided that these so-called apemen have nothing to do with man's ancestry!
    • The dinosaur sequences are a combination of CGI and animatronics that are well-integrated, but the apemen creations are less compelling - looking too much like what they are, people with artificial facial appliances and make-up.
    • We now have a better understanding of where early apemen fit in evolution.
    • Bigfoot, the mythical apeman that for a time haunted the American subconscious - much as the Loch Ness Monster has haunted ours - was finally laid to rest along with the old man who dreamt him up.
    • ‘Right now we can say this is the world's oldest bipedal apeman,’ said Latimer.