Translation of aplenty in Spanish:


en abundancia, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈplɛn(t)i/ /əˈplɛnti/


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    en abundancia
    there was food aplenty había comida en abundancia
    • There are jobs aplenty and even the commodity prices are looking up.
    • Mind you, she has practice aplenty in detecting odd behaviour.
    • A brief grapple ensued, pushing and shoving aplenty all round, and I duly broke free, uninjured and unrobbed.
    • It was a little slow getting started, but by the second act there was political satire and plain silliness aplenty.
    • He has faced upheavals aplenty in his life.
    • The game had more of a cup-tie atmosphere to it than an actual league match and it produced thrills and spills aplenty.
    • They did have the horrible, driving wind and rain in their faces but that couldn't account for all the missed tackles and gaps aplenty.
    • The stock markets are not the only indicators of economic health, of course, but there was bad news aplenty elsewhere last week.
    • Flags adorned every car, gate post and tractor and bunting aplenty created a carnival atmosphere.
    • As with all of his novels, it's tightly plotted, extremely well written, with twists and turns aplenty.
    • With colourful puppets, audience interaction and songs aplenty, this is ideal for children aged three and over.
    • Hyperactive cameras and flashing lights aplenty to give the impression that this is all very exciting.
    • From looking at their performance in other competitions it appears as if there is talent aplenty in the area.
    • Here there are gift shops aplenty, but also fantastic courtyards and balconies overflowing with flowers.
    • However, one thing is certain, there is unsettled weather aplenty ahead.
    • There was effort aplenty but little of beauty to colour the humdrum.
    • I assume they'll also have newspapers aplenty in the main libraries and possibly even in departments.
    • However, finals are never easy and this one is no different, as there are dangers aplenty.
    • There are stories aplenty about his kindness in helping a lot of people from all corners of India.
    • No doubt Dan and David will both publish pictures aplenty in due course.