Translation of apocalypse in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈpɑkəˌlɪps/ /əˈpɒkəlɪps/


  • 1

    the Apocalypse el Apocalipsis
  • 2

    apocalipsis masculine
    • As ever, Roth has the ability to suggest a vast historical catastrophe through the tiny apocalypses of ordinary life, which he renders with all of Baudelaire's poetic acuity.
    • They say an apocalypse is coming and, after so much destruction, many suspect it has already started.
    • These modernist writers wrote at what they took to be a moment of transition, between two apocalypses, one historical - and thus merely destructive - and one to be imagined.
    • More pertinently, the pair have a way of pinpointing, with unerring accuracy, the simple poignant moments in life: personal and global apocalypses are all part of the parcel.
    • Science treasures its own apocalypses, but the writer claims that the modern environmental movement lacks a sense of redemption and is therefore destined to remain in the political margins.
    • People's worlds end all the time; lots of people have personal apocalypses on a daily basis.
    • Over the years, peace activism has grown stronger and more vocal, thus reducing chances of any man-made apocalypses.
    • It is very difficult to sum up in a few phrases the kind of apocalypses that this country is facing.
    • The day we have a low tide during which sea doesn't ‘recede’ is the day of a serious apocalypse.
    • But no matter what further compromise is reached, some will still regard it as the apocalypse.
    • It is perhaps apocalyptic only in its contiguity with the chaos of actual war and the apocalypse of the First World War.
    • That was the food supply on which we were going to subsist after the apocalypse.
    • How could the legal owners of this stuff perceive file sharing as anything other than an apocalypse for their business?
    • It was the nearest thing to an apocalypse Europe has ever seen, Simon says.
    • In his greed for world domination he has initiated the very apocalypse he sought to avoid.
    • It is important to realise that the earthquake was not a total apocalypse.
    • Later, it describes the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse and the last flight of death over the scorched land.
    • We must maintain our visions, prophesy hope, and remain faithful and committed to the struggle, even and especially when facing so many daily apocalypses and forms of death.
    • While monsters, anti-Christs, and the Virgin herself appeared in the countryside, apocalypses were prophesied in capitals.
    • The Guardian has noted the floods and the fuel crisis, and is asking Can You Survive the British Apocalypse?