Translation of apocalyptic in Spanish:


apocalíptico, adj.

Pronunciation /əˌpɑkəˈlɪptɪk/ /əpɒkəˈlɪptɪk/


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    • Yet despite my dismissive attitude towards apocalyptic theories and prophesies, last year's Y2K version did somewhat discomfort me.
    • Climate change is the environmental fear that provokes the greatest degree of apocalyptic prophesy.
    • His writing is apocalyptic in feel, describing a gritty futuristic world in which dream meets reality.
    • His apocalyptic vision looks more like prophecy than fiction.
    • Rather than see social events as holding spiritual significance in a prophetic way, they dismissed literal interpretations of apocalyptic prophecies.
    • Indeed, the current American spate of interest in apocalyptic prophecy stems precisely from attempts to draw meaning from complex and difficult imagery.
    • Nor is he given to apocalyptic prophecies.
    • The book's second half focuses on the ethics of prophetic and apocalyptic literature.
    • Rejecting it would mean moving toward strike action, which union leaders are describing in apocalyptic tones.
    • I'm not sure the apocalyptic vision is helpful.
    • It also has an apocalyptic vision of the future.
    • Despairing, however, that he would only be remembered as a political satirist and not a genuine artist in his own right, he changed his subject matter to romantic landscapes or apocalyptic visions of the future.
    • It was written during the terrifying times of the Cuban missile crisis, but it depicts apocalyptic visions rather than specific details.
    • Furthermore, news channels would either interview astrologers or fortune tellers and ask them to give apocalyptic and catastrophic predictions that would frighten people.
    • Wasn't this apocalyptic comment portentous with all the flooding and massive tidal waves around Thailand and the Indian Ocean?
    • The rise of environmental politics since the late 1960s directly stimulated historical scholarship, and gave the new environmental history an occasionally apocalyptic and moralistic tone.
    • His work was seminal for understanding the role and importance of apocalyptic literature and its interpretations in the lives of early seventeenth-century Puritans.
    • Even for those who did not accept these apocalyptic scenarios, emancipation portended a chaotic and terrifying new world.
    • It was composed and published in a crucial period of European apocalyptic anxiety and millennial anticipation.
    • But as apocalyptic literature has come in for criticism, so has utopian-by anti-utopians, often satirists.