Translation of apocryphal in Spanish:


apócrifo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈpɑkrəfəl/ /əˈpɒkrɪf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (text/author) apócrifo
    the tale is probably apocryphal but apt la historia es seguramente espuria / inventada, pero apropiada
    • Urban legends are apocryphal or wildly inaccurate stories that are passed on from person to person until they reach a point where they are accepted as truth.
    • Other stories that sound apocryphal are unfortunately true.
    • I have no idea whether or not the above story is true or apocryphal, but I'd like to believe it anyway.
    • It may be an apocryphal story, but I was once told that cool-looking out-of-work actors and students were employed by publishers to read particular books on the London underground.
    • This story is surely apocryphal, but it does sound like an announcement with a story behind it!
    • The story is probably apocryphal, since botanical evidence suggests that the coffee plant originated in the highlands of central Ethiopia.
    • More convincing than this thorough inspection of apocryphal statements and chronological details are the passages in which Bann teaches us how to see early photographic reproductions of art.
    • The apocryphal story of Robert Bruce watching the spider spin its web seven times, which restored his faith to battle the English once again, became a staple of inspirational lecturers.
    • Whether this story is apocryphal or not, it accurately reflects the band's philosophy and perhaps predicts the directions their music would take.
    • The story is apocryphal, but is a good indication of the extreme measures countries take to protect the secret that they can read an enemy's secrets.
    • Could his death have been the consequence of a greedy search for treasure, or is this yet another apocryphal story?
    • Many baseball reporters claim the story is apocryphal, but others insist on its verity.
    • Those who have never worked in a restaurant believe that such stories are apocryphal.
    • Perhaps someday this apocryphal tale will become what it should be: an illustration of how easily even ‘experts’ can sometimes fall victim to the very same dangers they warn us about.
    • The story - probably apocryphal - is that William Webb Ellis at Rugby School in the nineteenth century picked up the ball during a soccer match and ran with it, inventing rugby.
    • According to an apocryphal legend, when the Titanic took its passengers to their watery graves, the P&J offered up the headline ‘Northeast man drowned at sea’.
    • In much the same way that the - no doubt - apocryphal tale of the mum writing her son a note excusing him from gym the following week because ‘he will have flu’ always raises a titter.
    • It reminded me of the apocryphal tale of the Rolls Royce mechanics that appear halfway up a Swiss mountain to fix a faulty gearbox then refuse to charge the owner for the repairs because a Rolls Royce never breaks down.
    • Well his mother tells that now famous story about the Bible resting open on a stand in the middle of Bob Dylan's study, as an indispensable source for his music; is that apocryphal?
    • All stories attributing the ending of slavery to Lincoln should be regarded as apocryphal, a mere creation of pro-Lincoln civil rights forces.