Translation of apologetic in Spanish:


de disculpa, adj.

Pronunciation /əˌpɑləˈdʒɛdɪk/ /əpɒləˈdʒɛtɪk/


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    (letter/look/tone) de disculpa
    she was very apologetic about having disturbed us se deshizo en disculpas / pidió mil perdones por habernos molestado
    • a very apologetic Edward arrived with a bunch of flowers Edward, contrito / arrepentido, se presentó con un ramo de flores
    • The typist smiles to himself as the story returns like an apologetic lover, penitent, regretful and contrite.
    • Defending, the lawyer said his client was apologetic and very much regretted the incident.
    • ‘As much as I would love to, I have already made plans, sorry,’ I said, giving him an apologetic smile.
    • The shrug is hardly perceptible, the smile almost apologetic.
    • She shoots me and my wife an apologetic look before smiling at the kids and closing the door.
    • Liz's face altered from smiling and cheerful to regretful and apologetic.
    • Trying his best to be polite without having too say too much, Phillip pushed his way through the crowd, giving apologetic smiles to indignant ladies being pushed.
    • Diana huffed and I gave her an apologetic smile.
    • When Skye glared at him, he tried an apologetic smile.
    • He gave her a smile that was almost apologetic, then he shrugged.
    • Her somewhat apologetic stance is overridden by her clear sense of feeling justified in what she is doing.
    • For all the permutations that produced, the music seemed slightly apologetic.
    • We are not apologetic about her choice.
    • He's immediately apologetic.
    • The letter is written in an apologetic tone, apparently because the return of the books is overdue.
    • An apologetic commuter-rail crew.
    • "Don't be apologetic, Trunk."
    • I also took this approach because I was not apologetic about my creative product.
    • He is apologetic for his inability to produce snappy soundbites to sum up these feelings, but I'm glad: this is a heartfelt, uncontainable outburst.
    • Richard didn't look apologetic in the least. - Why are you so formal?