Translation of apology in Spanish:


disculpa, n.

Pronunciation /əˈpɑlədʒi/ /əˈpɒlədʒi/

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nounplural apologies

  • 1

    • 1.1(expression of regret)

      disculpa feminine
      excusa feminine
      please accept my apologies le ruego me disculpe
      • to offer one's apologies disculparse
      • Jim sends his apologies, but he can't come Jim ha dicho que lo siente mucho pero no puede venir
      • I think I owe you an apology creo que le debo una disculpa
      • Have been severely incapacitated by latest pregnancy symptoms so apologies for absence.
      • Other councillors, who were unable to attend, sent their apologies and offered their support.
      • At the February meeting of the Association three new members were welcomed and despite some apologies the meeting was very well attended.
      • The minutes of previous meetings showed that he offered his apologies to the November meeting and attended the December meeting.
      • Those who attended, and my apologies to the embassy for the fact that another appointment running over time unfortunately made me miss the event, spoke highly of the food they sampled.
      • He welcomed a large attendance to the meeting and there were apologies from three members.
      • I was sorry to hear about Christopher, my apologies for not attending the funeral; I was up to my neck in Borneo jungle.
      • Many farmers sent their apologies for not attending Malhamdale Show.
      • Lunchtime came and went, with Harold bringing a tray of simple sandwiches along the explanation that Mr. Lake had to step out for a meeting and sent his apologies.
      • I am afraid that I will have to tender my apologies to that meeting……
      • He sends his apologies for being unable to appear today.
      • Twenty eight people attended, with seven sending formal apologies.
      • She thanked them for their generous donation on behalf of the Kidney Foundation and gave apologies from the people who were unable to attend.
      • Under local government rules, any councillor who does not attend meetings for six months without sending apologies can be disqualified from the council.
      • He was the only public representative to attend the meeting although a number of others had forwarded apologies.
      • By October the Courts Service had conveyed apologies that no one would be attending the meeting.

    • 1.2British (for not attending meeting)

      apologies from J Brown J Brown envía sus excusas por no poder asistir

  • 2

    • 2.1(poor specimen)

      apology for sth
      • it's an apology for a team
      • an apology for a marriage
      • It is all very well to talk about Pub City and Fun City, but it all happens in this poor apology of a downtown, a very long way off from the workplace that gets longer by the day with every additional vehicle they buy.
      • Its American cousin makes a poor apology for a nest, it is true, merely a loose bundle or platform of sticks, as flimsily put together as a dove's nest.
      • But in this sorry apology for a summer, show day on Sunday dawned with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures.