Translation of apostolic in Spanish:


apostólico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæpəˈstɑlɪk/ /ˌapəˈstɒlɪk/


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    the apostolic succession la sucesión apostólica
    • The prestige of the city itself was no longer sufficient; but in the doctrine of apostolic succession the popes had an unassailable position.
    • At the end of 1944, he became apostolic nuncio to France.
    • Nevertheless, the Vatican has already said that a section of its archive dating from 1931 to 1934 was destroyed or lost during the bombing of Berlin in 1945 and in a fire at the apostolic nuncio's palace.
    • As apostolic nuncio, he automatically became dean of the diplomatic corps.
    • It was bombarded with complaints from the nuncio, the apostolic administrator for the diocese and other senior clerics.
    • As the successors of Peter in Rome, the popes laid claim to apostolic supremacy, just as Peter had been given primacy over the apostles in the mother community in Jerusalem after the Resurrection of Christ.
    • The liturgy will end with the Pope's giving his apostolic blessing, known as Urbi et Orbi, or ‘to the city and the world’.
    • In Divini Amoris Scientia, his apostolic letter announcing the doctorate, the Pope goes even further.
    • The Vatican appoints an apostolic visitor when it receives allegations of ‘grave irregularities’ at an institution of a diocese.
    • A private viewing was held at the apostolic palace in the Vatican.
    • Bulgarians have expressed a positive attitude towards the Papal apostolic visit.
    • Later this year, the Vatican is expected to begin an apostolic visitation of U.S. seminaries.
    • The same day in Bulgaria, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church revealed more details about the upcoming apostolic visit.
    • After serving as apostolic delegate to Greece and Turkey from 1935 and as papal nuncio in liberated France from 1944, in 1953 he became a cardinal and Patriarch of Venice.
    • Together, the miniatures address the presence of a modern Elymas, Luther, and reassert Paul's apostolic authority; legitimately mandated to the papacy.