Translation of appalling in Spanish:


atroz, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈpɔlɪŋ/ /əˈpɔːlɪŋ/


  • 1

    (conditions/brutality) atroz
    (conditions/brutality) terrible
    (language/behavior) vergonzoso
    the play is absolutely appalling la obra es pésima
    • But he was so moved by our picture of the appalling injuries Rob was left with that he wanted to speak out publicly about his ordeal.
    • The 48-year-old had suffered appalling head injuries and also had a ligature around her neck.
    • The female escaped but the male deer suffered appalling injuries as it tried to get away from the crowds of jeering onlookers.
    • These are the appalling injuries suffered by a man brutally mugged for his wallet as he walked his dog.
    • The dove had suffered appalling injuries from which it would not have recovered.
    • It was while working for the charity in east Africa that he suffered his appalling injuries.
    • And how has he managed to brush off the appalling injuries he suffered in a road accident 11 years ago?
    • We are simply asked to contemplate the appalling act and the nightmare that one loathsome human being can inflict on an innocent bystander.
    • This is one of the most shocking and appalling media smears we have seen - and we have been shocked and appalled many times in the past.
    • At least 180 are dead, possibly many more, and hundreds have suffered appalling injuries.
    • Yes, the abuse they have revealed is disgusting and appalling and it is right that it should be exposed and that we should be horrified.
    • Around three in the morning I had an appalling nightmare, the details of which I can't remember.
    • I was stunned and sickened by the appalling images, replayed over and over again on the TV screen.
    • Their story is one of resilience, despite the most shocking and appalling conditions which they have endured.
    • The use of force is appalling, indiscriminate barbarity unforgivable.
    • Every day the papers are filled with an appalling catalogue of deaths and injuries as the result of the latest piece of motoring madness.
    • You will also have a constant reminder of your appalling actions through your own and your partner's permanent injuries.
    • So for my son, this was a terrible shock, and he started having appalling nightmares.
    • The commission's report revealed a grisly catalogue of facts almost too appalling to believe.
    • You know, I've had to say over and over again that I find his beliefs totally abhorrent, appalling.
    • Then the transfer over onto CD from the tapes is appalling, losing an awful lot of the bottom end.
    • This Budget is woefully inadequate in redressing this appalling situation.
    • There is a class of person who delights in trying to scare the pants off you with appalling tales of child-rearing horror.
    • It was an appalling chronicle of events, with far-reaching, negative outcomes.
    • The style is the book, and it is a substantial constituent of the appalling events that are described throughout the novel.
    • Training conditions at home may be appalling, the diet poor and funds miniscule.
    • It is an appalling and chilling chronicle of arrogance, complacency and collusion.
    • The killing of innocents is deplorable and appalling in any part of the world.
    • The consequences for the world's poor have been appalling.
    • The story is part love story, part comedy of self-justification, and part a chronicle of an appalling crime.
    • The implications for poor minorities and non-convict labour are appalling.
    • The way in which we treat the poor people on the streets is appalling.
    • It is not poverty that maims our society - it is the appalling lack of concern and compassion for the poor that maims us all.
    • Because everyone is somehow complicit in it, as much as it was a cultural eruption of the most appalling kind.
    • Yes, I mean we often do really quite appalling things to people that we love.
    • I came close to turning down this recital because of the most appalling reviewer's tickets I've ever had.
    • Humanitarian disasters, of which genocide is the most appalling, are not pretty things.
    • The appalling thing is that the mistake is entirely understandable.
    • Today, all the alerts, the scares, the predictions became a quite appalling reality.
    • That kind of outcome is sad and appalling and it's unfair to decent people who work seriously in politics.