Translation of apparently in Spanish:


al parecer, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈpɛrəntli/ /əˈparəntli/


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    al parecer
    por lo visto
    según parece
    is she pregnant? — apparently ¿está embarazada? — pues eso parece / por lo visto sí
    • The anonymous buyer apparently then consumed the contents of the bottle in one sitting.
    • The less convincing evidence of the first expert had apparently been forgotten.
    • His new apparently softer line may reflect a deal with ministers in the puppet regime.
    • The assailants apparently fled after firing on several homes in the settlement.
    • So I dug around and came across this rather neat summary of the story and apparently it is still there!
    • Now, apparently, trying to separate a cow from some other cows is very difficult.
    • I always thought Lobsters were red but apparently they only go that colour when you boil them.
    • Henry was speaking of what he knew as wild, and apparently it was still there.
    • Personally I wanted to stay in and write my blog, but apparently that wasn't an option.
    • At some point during the above, she also apparently picked up the habit of talking in third person.
    • Audiences were in single figures until the final week, when apparently he improved a bit.
    • This is no longer the case, and apparently has never been, according to the woman herself.
    • They travel well, apparently, so like the Scots, you will find them all over the world.
    • We are all living longer and healthier lives - so why are so many of us apparently too sick to work?
    • One apparently killed the other before turning the gun on himself, or that's how it seems.
    • A knowledge of culture or a desire to learn about it was apparently not part of the job description.
    • Her outsize veneers were so unattractive that they apparently drove away her husband.
    • It is a good thing, apparently, that people have an understanding of their rights.
    • The fans, stewards and coaching staff apparently played their part to the full, too.
    • There is apparently no common theme to the show, and each of the artists is able to shine as an individual.
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    (intelligent/happy) aparentemente
    this apparently mad gamble turned out to be a stroke of genius lo que parecía ser una locura resultó un golpe genial