Translation of appealing in Spanish:


atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈpilɪŋ/ /əˈpiːlɪŋ/


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    (eyes/smile) atractivo
    (eyes/smile) atrayente
    (suggestion/idea) atractivo
    (suggestion/idea) atrayente
    (suggestion/idea) tentador
    the prospect of a Saturday in the office was not appealing la perspectiva de pasar un sábado en la oficina no me hacía mucha gracia / no era muy atractiva que digamos
    • He now has recorded all three of the symphonies, and he is sympathetic to their appealing late Romantic gush.
    • The chauffeur made wild, appealing gestures of his innocence, evidently to no avail, for when he turned around and climbed back into the driver's seat his expression was not a little dejected.
    • The women, with tears and appealing gestures, crowded around the officer, begging him to spare their sons and husbands; the men stood silent, with bloodless faces and dumb imploring eyes.
    • Taking the lead are small landowners or Western farmers who make appealing pleas to be left alone to enjoy their property and take care of it conscientiously.
    • What it is exactly that I'm supposed to find appealing or interesting in people who end up wading knee deep in gore I simply don't understand.
    • How attractive and appealing is the other clothing in the store?
    • Hopefully more people will use the route for exercise and it can also be marketed as an appealing attraction from a tourist point of view.
    • A publicist is to the arts what the man with the bucket and scoop is to a circus; an attempt to make things look fresh, appealing and attractive.
    • There's no garden feature quite so appealing and attractive to an idle peasant as a seat under a tree.
    • Finally, we select visually appealing and interesting weapons as we also want our weapons to have interesting silhouettes and to stand out from other games.
    • His kindness, his gentleness and his intelligence, which she had foolishly deplored as somehow unromantic, now suddenly seemed very appealing and attractive.
    • There are two major bonus features on this DVD, each one far more interesting and appealing than the movie itself.
    • His mane has grown long and shaggy, visually appealing and attractive, and he asked for a silver and diamond stud instead of a dangler for his translator.
    • Keepers of forest are also very appealing and attractive to the eye, and can show a deep friendship if you befriend them.
    • All in all, this is a very attractive monitor with an appealing display.
    • Every candidate has one and it should be worked on and refined so it can be told in an interesting and appealing way.
    • ‘I found younger men more appealing than older men,’ she says.
    • Low, built-in shelving provides appealing wall storage for young children's toys.
    • ‘Many found reason less appealing than enchantment,’ she writes.
    • While it lacks the mock seriousness of the film that spawned it, it more than compensates with some preposterously appealing action sequences.
    • At one point, when we had the camera out, she decided to take centre stage, and posed beautifully, one appealing stance after another, for a full five minutes or more.
    • The dishes above are already designed to have appealing colors for beautiful presentation, so just put them together.
    • Just like good picture quality makes a film look better, an appealing body and good looks adds to the credit of an actor.
    • He had to admit, it was a pretty appealing daydream.
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    (look/eyes/voice) suplicante