Translation of appease in Spanish:


apaciguar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈpiz/ /əˈpiːz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) apaciguar
    (anger/aggression) aplacar
    (hunger/thirst) mitigar
    • But the insistence has not appeased local residents, who are now planning a series of meetings to call for a public inquiry.
    • I sometimes had to resort to printing out stories from the online edition of my local paper to appease her.
    • Another annoying trend is to ask for an exorbitant amount in the hope that a small amount will be offer as a means of appeasing the aggrieved person.
    • I just hope it will not be one of those cases where they say something will be investigated just to appease the people.
    • The only thing that it can do now to appease the people would be to resign.
    • I'm strong and weak is doing things that would appease people, and weak is not speaking the truth.
    • I think I appeased him, and I quietly moved on and enjoyed the rest of the show.
    • She agreed to start paying income tax to appease the people as a result.
    • Read it if you want to know the cost of appeasing our enemies, and especially if you're still not quite sure just who are enemy is (hint, it's not us).
    • There is a difference, too, between appeasing men of violence and seeking to limit their appeal, just as the leaders of global terror must be separated from those who could become their followers.
    • They would dispute that they are appeasing him.
    • Given his record for stirring controversy and goading spectators sometimes to the point of violence, you believe that appeasing the audience is low on his list of priorities.
    • But despite spending nearly £6,000 on sound-proofing the PA system a month ago, it has not appeased residents.
    • Only the happy trip to Morocco in 1832 appeased the artist and freed him momentarily from his nightmares.
    • Coming off the bench on Wednesday appeased him, but he believes a point may come when he is so upset by his treatment that he will decline to be selected for future squads.
    • Why oh why oh why are voters always appeased by learning that their government is supposedly tackling a problem by throwing more money at it?
    • Some of the men were appeased and headed for home, but many could not be bought so easily.
    • They were getting desperate, and soliciting the same types in order to appease their clients.
    • The website contains enough hard facts to appease the historians, and leaves enough questions to enthrall the mystery lovers.
    • After some research, I see that one can sacrifice goats in order to gain riches or appease the gods.
    • In a self-protective manner, he concludes that this patient is too fragile to withstand a nephrectomy and appeases his feelings of guilt about silently following the mass noted previously.
    • He denied that the death of Christ was necessary to satisfy divine justice and appease God's wrath.
    • God to me is simply an artefact of my brain, a curiosity that has evolved to appease the terrors of contemplating my own end.
    • God is satisfied: his wrath is appeased; justice has been done.
    • The specter of killing the innocent to appease some nameless fear disgusted even the hardened
    • The price of appeasing the morbid fears of a society that cannot look death in the eye is a measure that will compound such fears, while setting back medical endeavours to combat the causes of diseases that result in premature death.
    • Relationships are continuously played out as a game, an endeavour that appeases the passions, as each character presents their vulgar view of the non-existence of love.
    • My curiosity was appeased when I got to enter four of those studios on Saturday.
    • And we refuse to appease the aggression and brutality of evil men.
    • I was thinking of putting in another willy story just to appease the constant requests I get.
    • We eat candy bars as fast as we can peel them to appease our oral fixations and our need for a fix.
    • It soothes, appeases the anger of the outraged, stills the fear of death and reminds us of tripe eaten in former days where there was always a half-filled pot of it on the stove.
    • Until the two headliners finally meet, what really seems to drive the narrative here is appeasing an audience's curiosity as to which star will be highlighted next.
    • Shrugging, she finally ripped her lunch open before appeasing his curiosity.
    • I have returned to you in this lifetime, and in the future, I will find you again and again until our love is appeased, if that is ever possible.
    • So, the tension is in the past and the sexual curiosity was appeased.
    • When she finally appeased her parents' curiosity by doing so they naturally asked him about his family and background.
    • The captain fidgeted as he reached for the words to say to make her understand and to appease her fears.
    • She knew it was only a nightmare, but somehow that didn't appease the terror she felt.