Translation of appellation in Spanish:


denominación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæpəˈleɪʃən/


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    denominación feminine
    • Beware of people claiming supernatural powers, and of those that try to impress you with pompous titles and appellations.
    • He also pointed out the quite strict rules which apply to names, appellations, etc.
    • ‘Akishino’ and ‘Nori’ are more formal appellations used only with the titles ‘prince’ or ‘princess’.
    • Twenty-two out of 39 listed companies that changed their names last year picked new appellations that included e-this or cyber-that or somethingdotcom.
    • There had been some disputes about the appellation of the monetary unit but the name ‘lev’ (in Bulgarian lev is the old word for lion) was adopted by the majority.
    • Those letters can be the initials of a first or a last name (of a person or a pet), or can represent a title or any other appellation.
    • The women's squads voted in 1989 to adopt the name as well, abandoning their former appellation, Gussies.
    • But while most cats shared the simple appellation, miu, some people took names from cats.
    • This of course is not a name for a child to use, but a suitable appellation will reveal itself.
    • I had always called my parents' friends by their first names - heck, I called my parents by their first names, but somehow Mrs. B's Christian appellation never fell trippingly from my lips.
    • Worse still (‘mate’ being a pretty working-class appellation, after all), is this a symptom of snobbery which my school, despite my best efforts, succeeded in indoctrinating me with?
    • Whenever the author mentioned someone in the article, she went to lengths to note her race, always with some appellation like ‘Asian-American.’
    • In this case, that means that lying, disobedience to your parents, and covetousness could all qualify me or you for that appellation.
    • Even the word ‘coke’ has become a generic term, far better known and certainly more descriptive than any other soft drink appellation.
    • Here in America, of course, nobody but politicians gets any summer vacation worthy of that appellation.
    • In debates throughout the 1990s, ‘Central’ gradually became the politically correct appellation for this part of the world.
    • Frown would have been a more appropriate appellation had this charmingly unique collection been allowed to languish unfinished.
    • While it may be tempting to call this a folk record, its instrumentation is generally too ornate for that genre appellation.
    • She had wanted her cat to be known by a less common appellation.
    • This apparently was its original name, ‘Gold Coast’ being only its British colonial appellation.