Traducción de appendage en Español:


añadidura, n.

Pronunciación /əˈpɛndɪdʒ/


  • 1formal

    añadidura femenino
    apéndice masculino
    he felt he was just an appendage to her life sentía que era un mero apéndice en su vida
    • They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs.
    • The claim of self-sufficiency cannot be contingent upon an appendage to another human being considered superior.
    • Instead, she presented herself as an appendage to her husband and talked about her role as consort.
    • Some critics regard the didactic second part as an appendage to an earlier secular poem; others see the whole as an allegorical representation of human exile from God on the sea of life.
    • I was astonished that she'd found any boy to marry, thinking anyone so foolish would be like her, a flawed appendage to a decent family.
    • Consequently, feathering will not be able to produce the asymmetry necessary for the rowing appendage to generate net thrust.
    • The damage to the car itself is settled between insurers, apart from the excess on the motorist's policy, which he may not trouble to pursue except as an appendage to a larger claim.
    • Last but not least he predicted that New South Wales would lose its supremacy and probably become a provincial appendage to South Australia.
    • The tiny structure was an appendage to a larger house Matt had bought, intending to use the lesser quarters as a rental property.
    • For Scott, the school became an indispensable appendage to the mosque.
    • The High Court, he said, was not an inessential appendage to the new constitutional structure.
    • He pushed away tall grass and went into a new clearing that was an appendage to the lake.
    • The word compromise had no place in her vocabulary - she lived on her terms and when she could no longer do so, she preferred to die rather than become an appendage to someone else's life.
    • He deeply dislikes the implicit idea that a wife is a lesser appendage to her husband.
    • One of the ways that management continues to be defined, then, is as an appendage to a technical specialism, or as a technical specialism in its own right.
    • Are individualism and stardom necessary to the dramatic work, or are they supplemental, a mere appendage of modernity?
    • She had no administrative power and was added as an administrative appendage to the college's organizational chart.
    • In modern large-scale industrial production humans become mere appendages of machines.
    • The college-distance 3-pointer always has seemed an illogical and unnecessary appendage to a wonderful game.
    • Once she entered the stage, dressed in red, the rest of the actors and actresses turned into mere appendages or devices to carry on the continuity of the story.
  • 2

    Botánica Zoología
    apéndice masculino
    • These differences in number of segments and function of appendages are used to distinguish between crustacean groups.
    • The feather is a skin appendage, like hair, that grows as a unique hollow tube from a follicle by the controlled proliferation of cells in a ring.
    • The second pair of appendages, the pedipalps, resemble walking legs.
    • Bipedality freed the forelimbs and allowed development of the hands as highly specialized appendages with great dexterity.
    • Not all appendages in rotifers function by directly interfering with predatory attack.