Translation of appetite in Spanish:


apetito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæpəˌtaɪt/ /ˈapɪtʌɪt/

Definition of apetito in Spanish


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    apetito masculine
    to have a healthy / good appetite tener buen apetito
    • the walk gave us an appetite la caminata nos abrió el apetito
    • she ate with (a) good appetite comía con buen apetito
    • to lose one's appetite perder el apetito
    • don't eat it now; you'll spoil your appetite no lo comas ahora, te va a quitar el apetito / las ganas de comer
    • the bad news took away my appetite la mala noticia me quitó el apetito
    • she has a tremendous appetite for enjoying life tiene unas ganas inmensas de gozar de la vida
    • he has an enormous appetite for knowledge tiene una enorme sed de sabiduría / unas enormes ansias de conocimiento
    • sexual appetite apetito sexual
    • We can choose to satisfy out appetites with healthy food, eating when we are hungry and stopping when we are full.
    • Just at this time he made a discovery that helped him satisfy their new appetite for solid food.
    • These characters will do anything to satisfy their appetites, whether for food, drink, or sex.
    • Nor did such foods come into prevalence because of natural human appetites.
    • Since they saw no contradiction between bodily appetites and godliness they would be relaxed about the display of sexual characteristics like the beard.
    • And we could have sliced the cost in half by cutting out such things as starters, and still have emerged our appetites pleasantly satisfied.
    • Now, it is true that virtue and chastity are not the same thing but, like any of the natural appetites, a question of moderation is involved.
    • Dressed only in towelling robes, we began to snack on some food to fuel our appetites: peanut butter on toast for him, Marmite sandwich for me.
    • Perhaps it is down to all the steroid hormones pumped into livestock to make them bigger in order to satisfy our insatiable appetites for dead animal.
    • The selection of salads and potato dishes on offer does not sound substantial enough to satisfy big appetites.
    • Another one is control of our bodily appetites and thoughts, which we're not so good at, these days.
    • They had to collect six trucks of grass every day to satisfy the appetites of their cows.
    • It was delicious and just enough to satisfy my appetite while not being too filling.
    • As a taster of what's to come, this comes close to completely satisfying the appetite.
    • While hunger and appetite are often experienced together, when we are hungry and want a particular food, appetites for foods can occur in the absence of hunger.
    • They both have very healthy appetites, due to the fact they enjoy their food.
    • The museum claimed to serve the cause of moral reformation, but it really worked on base emotions and bodily appetites.
    • Activity that expresses the virtue of moderation is also excellent activity when it comes to the bodily appetites.
    • Apparently, some people even lose their appetites if otherwise good food is served with an unexpected color.
    • They believed that following our natural appetites is a generally reliable guide to living well.