Translation of applaud in Spanish:


aplaudir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈplɔd/ /əˈplɔːd/

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transitive verb

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    (person/play/performance) aplaudir
    • We got stiffly to our feet and clapped the encores, applauded and cheered the memory of what we once believed and wanted to be.
    • I began clapping to the music, and they started clapping and applauding.
    • Suddenly a loud clap came from one of the men, followed by another, and then another until his whole command was clapping and applauding.
    • The crowd applauded at the speech as the Mayor turned to reveal the sign for the new wing of the museum.
    • How do you make what amounts to a scoreless tie exciting enough to keep a crowd cheering and applauding for two hours?
    • The crowd cheered and applauded, their downtrodden spirits uplifted once more at their chosen king's words.
    • Her first task was to coax and cajole the gathering into applauding loudly, in order to welcome her.
    • In the wings of the conference floors one delegate applauded so loudly that his hands must have bled.
    • I was being wheeled off the basketball court and the fans were applauding loudly, a sound that could only make my head throb even more.
    • They begin to applaud loudly, their hands coming together to form a symphony all its own.
    • As the crowd applauds, you can't help rooting for him, too.
    • If a certain state delegation was not applauding enough during a speech, that fact would be relayed to its leader.
    • The crowd applauded when he said this was a perfect opportunity for the university to ask for more funding.
    • The crowd applauded warmly, before launching into traditional hymns that filled the vast church.
    • At the end of the number we more or less collapsed into a hug as the crowd applauded.
    • The entire crowd of guests cheered and applauded as the two walked towards the dance floor.
    • They're shouting and applauding whatever's on.
    • Every man in maroon leaving the pitch had a hand shaken by their manager as the Hearts supporters cheered and applauded.
    • Sporting a tartan dinner suit, he was cheered and applauded as he accepted the silver statue.
    • This is the only film I have ever seen in the cinema where the audience stood up at the end and cheered and applauded.
    • You are applauded for your professional prowess and dexterity in a business venture.
    • It's the one job in the world that you can roll up to stoned out of your mind and you're actually applauded for it.
    • It was a display of pointless truculence and ignorance and he was applauded for it.
    • My son and I rented a boat and when we removed litter floating on the water, people on the shore applauded us.
    • It was insecurity, she argues, that led him into the trap of trying to be what people would applaud him for being.
    • The work here is critical to humankind and we need to applaud the people who work here rather than abuse them.
    • After a while people would have forgiven him and even applauded him for taking responsibility.
    • This is a victory for commonsense and we want to applaud the Minister for standing with the people on this issue.
    • She read over them all, and pronounced them good, applauding her employees and their approval of what they were doing.
    • First off, not all the Jesus crowd is against the concept, so I applaud you people.
    • Your anonymous writer speaks about the hypocrisy within the Church and then applauds a man for his views which totally contradict the faith that he claims to follow.
    • The middle section of the tape applauds those artists and activists who used video to tackle political and social issues.
    • It applauds guest worker programs and expanded voting rights for noncitizen immigrants.
    • Off it he excelled even more as an administrator, and in lauding and applauding him I also thank him for services so superbly rendered.
    • Anyway, we're not applauding the institutions here - we're applauding the individuals.
    • If this is a step toward full cooperation then we all should be applauding him.
    • He applauded the boys and girls who had shown leadership by becoming Hosts and Hostesses in the club.
    • And he applauded staff who have been made redundant and those lucky enough to still be employed.
    • The police applauded their mounted colleagues; the miners went away to lick their wounds.
    • Only a man who loved someone beyond their looks could get over this hurdle and for that I applaud him.
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    (agree with, admire)
    (decision/action) aplaudir
    (decision/action) aprobar
    (decision/action) celebrar

intransitive verb

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