Translation of apple in Spanish:


manzana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæpəl/ /ˈap(ə)l/


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    manzana feminine
    baked apple manzana asada
    • apple cheeks mejillas sonrosadas
    • apple orchard manzanar
    • apple tree manzano
    • It could be something specific, Victoria plum skins or green apples.
    • Cate picked a few apples from a fruit tree in the grove, wondering if they had any food to eat.
    • The apple cider, made exclusively with crisp, sweet winesap apples, is spicy and just winey enough.
    • Last week the kids had made apple crisp with the apples they picked on my second day.
    • What do plastic garbage bags, human flesh, and the skins of apples all have in common?
    • It is inside the green cells of spinach leaves and the damp flesh of apples.
    • The trees grow fruit with appetizing flavor: blue apples, green oranges, and bananas.
    • Tap on a freshly dug potato and it feels crisp, like an apple right off the tree.
    • I stand outside the vegetable shop as Rose buys some apples, carrots and a cauliflower.
    • On the tree, quince starts out mimicking a green apple, but as it ripens it takes on the color and look of a lemon.
    • It could be the beautiful autumn sunshine glistening off mountains of green and red apples which has brought about this unusual state of contemplation.
    • I mean, do you think that green apples are only grown on a certain farm?
    • After a rain or when they're crushed, the leaves smell like green apples.
    • Scoop out the cores and cut the apples across into thin half-moon slices.
    • Using a sharp knife, peel, core and slice the apples into thin wedges.
    • Autumn is ideal for crisp British apples to accompany a ploughman's lunch of local farmhouse cheese.
    • Arrange the apples so that rounded sides are on the bottom of the pan.
    • Walk boldly to the post office to send your snail mail, munching on a daily apple as you admire green spaces along the way.
    • In soft fruit such as tomato this process occurs early in ripening whereas in crisp fruits such as apple it is a late-ripening process.
    • Eighteen lumps of different cheeses littered the table amongst baskets of green and red apples and ripe pears.