Translation of apple pie in Spanish:

apple pie

pastel de manzana, n.


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    pastel de manzana masculine
    pay de manzana masculine Mexico
    kuchen de manzanas masculine Chile
    to make sb an apple pie bed hacerle la petaca a algn
    • in apple-pie order en perfecto orden
    • For dessert the apple pie a la mode with ice-cream proved a firm favourite with my companion after fending off tough competition from the fresh fruit pavlova.
    • With the offer of dessert, Madame went for the apple pie and ice cream, which arrived in a huge bowl - and was ceremoniously eaten to the last morsel.
    • In fact, I'm going to reward myself now, by having done 165 extra words today by eating a whole apple pie or big sticky toffee pudding.
    • Imagine being given a bowl of stew made from a two-week old turkey carcass, half a can of mushroom soup, droopy vegetables scraped from the back of the fridge and half a leftover apple pie.
    • We ordered two caramel apple pies, one with custard, which Anthony declared the high spot of the meal.
    • On this occasion, the choices included braised steak, haddock, beef hot pot and vegetable hot pot, while the puddings on offer included apple pie and custard, prunes and ice cream.
    • Desserts included ice cream, cheesecake, apple pie, pavlova and a cheese board, but we'd had enough at that stage and ordered tea and coffee instead.
    • Remember the smell of stewed apple when Mum was making an apple pie?
    • It was an interesting novelty, but tasted more like an apple pie than a ballpark pretzel.
    • Monsieur, I would like a big apple pie, chocolate milk, and some ice cream on the side.
    • For dessert I made custard and served it with an apple pie from the larder.
    • This is really fine food, and the roast beef in particular was excellent on this day, along with some of the best apple pie and custard you are ever likely to taste.
    • Then it'd be time for desert - maybe a slice of cheesecake, or fresh apple pie smothered in chocolate ice cream.
    • For dessert there was a display containing everything from apple pies to Danish pastries.
    • I was going to prepare just a simple Lamb Roast Dinner with an apple pie for afters.
    • Plus, on the counter sat two apple pies for dessert.
    • The use of the term ‘florentine’ for the big, round dish in which special apple pies were baked survived in the Yorkshire Dales until well into the 20th century.
    • I've never baked an apple pie, but I'm willing to give it a go.
    • They come in for a jug of cider and also buy apples, apple pies, jellies, and vegetables.
    • She didn't offer me a value combo or suggest I have an apple pie with my meal.