Translation of appliance in Spanish:


aparato, n.

Pronunciation /əˈplaɪəns/ /əˈplʌɪəns/

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  • 1

    aparato masculine
    electrical appliances electrodomésticos
    • In its simplest form, it is a data delivery appliance designed specifically for performance, low cost of ownership, and reliability.
    • All projects used a major wood heating appliance with integrated domestic water heating.
    • In the comments he compares the pleasure he gets from working his will on a recalcitrant domestic appliance to the triumph a caveman felt when slaying a mastodon.
    • As our 50-plus years in business would suggest we are always pleased to offer advice about any domestic appliance.
    • Who hasn't staged an impromptu stand-off with an umbrella, broomstick or the nearest domestic appliance to hand?
    • There was a time when one had to hop from shop to shop, verify prices and settle on one shop for each domestic appliance.
    • If you answer ‘yes’ it would allow you to make choices, such as a vehicle, household appliance, garden equipment, and so on.
    • I have, however been exposed to the normal electromagnetic field produced in any appliance on the domestic AC supply so I should be OK.
    • Seizing what seems to be an ordinary domestic appliance, he energetically attacks the prostrate form on the table.
    • It takes a passion for innovation to consistently develop leading-edge appliance designs.
    • The odd thing is that since I wrote that piece I've seen that very 1960s vintage appliance two or three times on TV.
    • With refrigerators, perhaps the most costly household appliance, production in China overtook that of the US in 2000.
    • It has since become my favorite household appliance.
    • I remember well, but to go back to the time this handy appliance wasn't part of every kitchen's equipment is practically unthinkable now.
    • With harmless colours like a mild metallic lilac and beige, it looks more like a feminine home appliance than traditional home office equipment.
    • It's a very specialized kitchen appliance - you can't use it to cook anything else I can think of.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to show you the greatest kitchen appliance ever made.
    • First she might fuse the handle of a domestic appliance with an ergonomic detergent bottle to create an unfamiliar palm-sized plaster sculpture.
    • I checked with an electrician who said that appliances thrive in cold, and I placed every appliance in the freezer overnight.
    • It's not the latest designer outfit or high-end household appliance - it's technology.
  • 2British

    (fire engine)
    coche de bomberos masculine
    carro de bomberos masculine Latin America
    autobomba masculine River Plate
    bomba feminine Chile
    • Two fire engines and a high-reach appliance were sent out to an industrial unit at the junction of County Road and Station Road.
    • Essex Fire and Rescue Service had 55 firefighters, six fire engines, an aerial appliance and a control unit on the scene at the height of the fire.
    • The keys to another new appliance, a new fire engine carrying new, lighter-weight rescue equipment, were also handed over by the mayor yesterday.
    • West Yorkshire Fire Authority has already approved plans to scrap an aerial appliance at Stanningley fire station earlier this month.
    • One appliance attended the fire, which started in a tractor but spread to a nearby trailer.
    • The fire started to go through the roof and that's when the aerial appliance was brought in.
    • The man, who was the station officer when I joined the brigade, told me he was in the brigade in the days of the horse drawn appliance which had a steam driven pump.
    • A Humberside Fire Service appliance was attending an out-of-control bonfire and was on Brigg Road with its blue lights and sirens on.
    • Where there is an issue of the safety of the crew, we will not send one appliance on its own.
    • Five minutes later, one appliance went to a cooker ablaze in Fairclough Avenue but that had been put out before they arrived.
    • A well-drilled two appliance team from the fire brigade arrived and set about hosing down the road without delay.
    • The international standard is for a minimum of four fire personnel per appliance.
    • "They hated seeing shots of the appliance pulling up because they pride themselves on getting there with a very fast response time," recalls Jennings.
    • Appliances from the fire stations responded and officers quickly extinguished the blaze.
    • The fire station was called but the appliance took approximately 45 minutes to arrive, he said.
    • He said the service was expected to benefit from more than 574 additional firefighters and 18 new appliances.
    • Sirens flashing, a rescue appliance was dispatched with the crew on board not knowing if they should put on their helmets.
    • At a call in Wilton Grove, stones, missiles, and fireworks were fired, damaging the windscreen of the appliance.
    • As smoke started billowing from the roof, five appliances arrived.
    • The locak fire station is due to receive the appliance early next month.
    • If there is a property fire it requires a minimum of two appliances.