Translation of applicable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈæpləkəb(ə)l/ /əˈplɪkəb(ə)l/ /ˈaplɪkəb(ə)l/


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    applicable to sb/sth
    delete as applicable tache lo que no corresponda
    • Thus the principle is applicable to any relevant amendment whatever its cause.
    • There is little room for dispute between the parties over the principles of law applicable to a claim such as this.
    • This fact is applicable to all strata of society, but is more visible in the lower sections.
    • Are such agreements no longer applicable when money is there to be made?
    • I love this idea, and think it is applicable to far more than thinking about theology.
    • You may have noticed that these traits are just as applicable to your laptop as they are to a human being.
    • You may purchase quantities at unit cost, plus the applicable sales tax for your shipping address.
    • There may be a number of cases in the future where it's just as applicable.
    • Now you will not have read this, so I am going to, as it were, just read out the bits which are applicable.
    • Now for any theory to be generally acceptable, it must surely be universally applicable.
    • We would lose the power to make decisions that are applicable to our economy.
    • It would seem that it has become a catch-all excuse and is employed even when not applicable.
    • Our own answer must be a universal one, applicable in principle to all comparable cases.
    • The market will be focusing on any comments applicable to the sector as a whole.
    • Many claim that these verses are cultural and are therefore not applicable to our society.
    • It is accepted that this issue must be determined by the applicable law.
    • The crane was not thoroughly examined prior to assembly as required by the applicable regulations.
    • The opinion referred to a prior decision holding that courts were bound by the applicable customary law.
    • I can see no good reason why the principle of necessity should not be applicable in his case as it is in the case of the victim of a stroke.
    • Many of the issues discussed are applicable to transfers within hospitals.