Translation of application in Spanish:


solicitud, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæpləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ /aplɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    solicitud feminine
    application for sth solicitud de algo
    peticiónde algo
    to submit an application presentar una solicitud
    • we received over 100 applications recibimos más de 100 solicitudes
    • prices on application solicítenos precios
    • The following month he made a formal application for asylum, giving an address in east London.
    • Police said authorities had rejected his application for asylum.
    • I can also confirm that we will be moving forward swiftly with our application for authority to award our own degrees.
    • The Local Planning Authority refused the application for a certificate of lawfulness.
    • My Lord, you will not be surprised that there is one further application, an application for permission to appeal.
    • They have already raised a 500-name petition against the application for a drinks licence but could not prevent it being granted yesterday.
    • The judgment on the application for leave to appeal has been reserved.
    • The application for an authorisation must come from a member of the chief officer's force.
    • He was the officer who had authorised the application for the search warrants.
    • If her application for an appeal on humanitarian grounds is approved, she could be eligible to return to Canada in as little as a month.
    • The Immigration Service will soon be identifying the pass mark that will lead to an invitation to lodge an application for residence.
    • He's just lost an application for leave to appeal to the High Court, but he has no regrets.
    • The couple were moved by City of York Council after their doctor backed their application for a transfer, telling the authorities the pair had become depressed.
    • His application for assistance was rejected as immigration authorities were not satisfied he could not have claimed asylum where he entered the country.
    • The local authority expect Treasury to submit their first application for planning permission this Autumn.
    • A person who is in France and wishes to make an application for asylum should properly do so to the French authorities.
    • The applicant filed an application for judicial review, but it was dismissed by consent.
    • The applicant cannot make an application for a protection visa from outside the country.
    • That is why the national authorities may place only an application for referral.
    • Very soon after her arrival the applicant lodged an application for a protection visa.
  • 2

    • 2.1(use)

      (of method, skills, theory) aplicación feminine
      (of force) uso masculine
      the machine has many applications la máquina tiene muchos usos
      • The list of products in which seaweeds are used reveals their relevance and application in modern day life.
      • The further removed from usefulness or practical application, the more important.
      • Please remember that written/newspaper style has little relevance or application in the broadcast business.
      • They don't see that what we do has any relevance or application to what they do.
      • None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life.
      • Fine and dandy you say, but does it have, like, any practical application?
      • The chip has obvious application to measuring toxins relevant to bioterrorism, he said.
      • They suggest that use of this approach led to a reduction of aggressive incidents and that the approach has broader application to other forensic and mental health settings.
      • Based on consideration to date, there were a number of positive elements in the key findings which had general application.
      • That was the contention of the political philosopher, and it's a lesson of more general application.
      • His judgment has general application - intelligence never wins wars.
      • Since laws are of general application it is inevitable that the wording of statutes is not always precise.
      • Each model is an entity unto itself and designed for specific application and operational parameters.
      • Consistent findings across two very different industries would show that our arguments have general application.
      • The war experience, the analysis noted, should only be considered as having a general military application.
      • The advice above is intended to be of general application.
      • Such observations appear to be of general application.
      • That paragraph may be applicable in some cases, but it certainly should not be regarded as being of general application.
      • I believe that this is a matter of general application, unrelated to the particular case.
      • It will obviously be of general application in broadly similar circumstances.
      • I think most would agree that she was extremely shy to pronounce general rules of application.
      • Whilst the court does not set such it does undertake the operation, interpretation and application of those laws and procedures.
      • These systems differ in the configuration and application of electronic map operating and graphic imaging functions.
      • A nearly flawless operational application of airpower cannot substitute for a flawed strategy.
      • The speed, ease, and low cost of more market price data will lead to increased operational application.
      • Resistance to its study and application to our operations is counterproductive.
      • If true, this is a good example of the functional application of legal rules as understood, by those who operate under them.
      • Revenue problems will be dealt with separately through a general rate application in the spring.
      • The contribution of the global research community to the creation and application of medical technologies for these countries is weakened.
      • Hardly any useful research can be done on aborted fetuses and no useful medical application of their tissues is permitted.
      • Anyone who reads this site on a passing basis will have had to come to terms with my, erm, creative application of the rules of spelling, punctuation and verb modification.
      • Many economists warn that too strict application of the rules hampers the ability of governments to respond to economic downturns.
      • There can be no partisan application of laws, rules or policy.
      • The story sparked public support for the families and opposition against tough application of the rules.
      • Consider first an application to forestry because this example represents the most general application of this approach.
      • And there would be serious civil liberties concerns if there was general application of those kind of powers.
      • But application of these general policies in the Internet era is not as straightforward.
      • He questioned the general application of statistical methods to economics.

    • 2.2(of paint, ointment)

      aplicación feminine
      for external application only para uso externo
      • An effort should be made to apply pesticides into these areas as opposed to application onto exposed surfaces.
      • Cracks appearing on the surface are smoothed with strips of cloth, and fresh application of clay.
      • The proposed label language also applies to overhead chemigation application of pesticides.
      • Also, some mattings have shown improved performance from surface application.
      • The first time lightening application should be applied approximately one half to one third of an inch from the scalp to the ends.
      • As always, be sure to read the label for proper surface prep and application.
      • With surface application, however, much of the ammonia will be lost to the atmosphere.
      • Oil application to the rind surface produced a more severe blemish than did mechanical damage.
      • The slurry coat must not be allowed to dry ahead of the render application, but applied wet on wet.
      • Furthermore, surface application of lime cannot alleviate toxic subsoil Al, which presents a barrier to deep rooting and the uptake of water and nutrients.
      • An exercise in precision application, the make-up is crucially important to her, far more than just another part of her perfect appearance.
      • The result of this seemingly improvisational paint application is an allover, agitated, viscous surface.
      • Each application of paint gave a different look to the surface and the figure.
      • I have enjoyed the effects of strong emotive colour and contrasts in paint application, visual and physical textures and the line.
      • She also gives talks and demonstrations on make-up application, styling and colours to large and small groups.
      • Now that I think about it, I realise I do subconsciously judge other women on make-up application.
      • This will allow application of fresh grease and adjustment to the cone and ball assembly.
      • One bizarre addendum to his ‘performance’ was his extraordinary application of stage make-up.
      • In some schools, girls were taught quilting, sewing or makeup application.
      • The subtle sheen that he imparts is obtained by thin application of paint brushed on meticulously to obtain the desired build up.

    • 2.3Computing

      aplicación feminine
      • Thus, a user is not required to interact with the textual source code of an application program when debugging it.
      • When the application is executed, a shared memory segment is created for an instrumentation program and the application program.
      • The remote computer runs the application program, typically in a stand-alone capacity, and accesses a system manager building block via a second communications link.
      • Mobile data will allow remote access to all the databases and software applications a firm can muster.
      • For example, suppose a customer wants to lease a software application that's stored on the Internet.

  • 3

    diligencia feminine
    aplicación feminine
    • It shows you just what can be done with hard work, application and being shrewd with your signings.
    • You have the very good fortune of knowing that you really truly did all that was possible to win and there is no need for any self discrimination caused by lack of effort or application on your part.
    • Males need to stop moaning about being disadvantaged by the system, there is nothing stopping us except our own lack of application and effort.
    • For the first time he realised it was not necessarily something based on instinct or which grew organically, but rather was the result of application and hard work.
    • There isn't any shortcut other than hard work and application, not unless we want to cultivate a nation of drug-dealers.
    • The scoreline was a true reflection of the hard graft, application and sense of belief displayed by every Highfield player.
    • There is no want of effort and application but little thought is given to trying a spanner.
    • There's less emphasis on the two or three weeks of revision leading up to the single day of an exam, where boys could shine with an exceptional effort of energy and application.
    • With the same level of application and hard work, there is no reason why Everton cannot add yet another league win to their tally.
    • It had taken nine years of hard training and application to build up to that level.
    • It is even possible that most are displaying effort and application above and beyond the call of duty.
    • They also know that only hard work and application will allow them to achieve their goals.
    • It requires application and concentration and attention to detail.
    • This particular skills area is one that requires dedicated attention and application.
    • It was a fine effort by the visiting batsmen, with better application and concentration, they grafted the runs methodically to push the score along.
    • The truth is that faith requires time, patience and application - and society has none of these in abundance.
    • So if it works, the figures are just, and can be worked into an understanding with a great deal of patient application.
    • This requires application and concentration.
    • The culture of perseverance, study and application (she said) needed to be reinstated in our schools.
    • All involve assiduous application, as well as research for continuous improvement, and all require a lifelong daily effort.