Translation of appreciate in Spanish:


apreciar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈpriʃiˌeɪt/ /əˈpriːʃɪeɪt/ /əˈpriːsɪeɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (food/novel) apreciar
    someone who appreciates good wine una persona que aprecia / que sabe apreciar el buen vino
    • she's not appreciated here aquí no se la valora
    • Aviation is visionary and global, recognised and appreciated by millions of people as a wonderful tool to venture afar.
    • But people are very sympathetic and appreciating us being here.
    • They may not appreciate its more challenging content, but they can recognise a cultural asset when they see one.
    • The awards have been warmly received by staff who appreciate that some recognition is being given for their hard work over the years.
    • It is just another London borough, full of trendy rich people who do not appreciate the better things in life.
    • She acknowledges that not everyone back home appreciates the very clear Western influence in her music, but she has profound respect for those who do support her.
    • Using these indicators, I never realized before how much I appreciated Toronto.
    • Why can't we all appreciate each other's good qualities and realize we've all got room for improvement as well?
    • Our company recognizes, appreciates and benefits from the ideas generated by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and we strive to reflect the communities we serve.
    • She kept her weapon of sarcasm to a bare minimum, something I recognized and appreciated.
    • Absolutely, your Honour, and the Court of Appeal appreciated and recognised that fact here.
    • It was a look and feel that for many years few people appreciated and even fewer recognized.
    • I appreciate and recognise that they want to do the best that they can for their people.
    • Maybe it's a bit like having a stuffy, old law prof, who seems nowhere near as exciting as the younger, livelier profs, but somewhere along the line, you just start appreciating him.
    • It was a dead-on show stopper that left me appreciating these California boys who may have lost some of their previous edge on the latest album but who can still play some amazing music!
    • As many of them can no longer speak the high form of Javanese, these young people have greater constraints in appreciating the traditional Javanese stage show.
    • This was a backhanded compliment: it implied that everyone was capable of appreciating the highest works of art, whatever their class or ethnic background.
    • More importantly, Master Coaching has given hope to many students who were without hope and not appreciating their own tremendous talents.
    • Lately I have been appreciating him a whole lot more.
    • Indian companies are increasingly appreciating the greater relevance of cost of capital in running their businesses.
    • If it's rare and of high quality, it will appreciate in value [given today's low prices].
    • As well as being appreciated by the residents, the artwork may also appreciate in value - but only for the developer.
    • Savvy moves by Asia's newest leading ladies helped their currencies appreciate in value.
    • How do you get a sense of which works might appreciate in value?
    • Some of the modern ones appreciate in value, but it is often difficult to sell modern issues for a quick profit.
    • It's time to look at properties that can save time and appreciate in value.
    • Furthermore you can expect an original work to appreciate in value whereas a print is far less likely to.
    • Those with an eye for profit will be buying new packaged items likely to appreciate in value.
    • So what happens when those shares start to appreciate in value?
    • All that having been said, my own guess is that the euro will appreciate in value.
    • Local property values have since appreciated so much that most Mayas are priced out of the market.
    • Your exit strategy could be to sell when the price appreciates by 20 percent.
    • That Ming vase can sit in your study for five years or more before you see its value appreciate substantially.
    • The stock price keeps appreciating and now sits at $150 after splitting 2 for 1 three times.
    • Market economy must be able to demonstrate in reality that when the local currency was appreciating, the prices of commodities were also expected to be reducing.
    • She owns a home in Montgomery County, Md., a market where home values have been appreciating rapidly.
    • But real estate is different than most fixed-plant or equipment investments: property rarely loses value and often appreciates.
    • Employees do not need to put capital at risk; yet, if the company's share price appreciates, they can earn substantial capital gains.
    • He said farmers should instead consider selling their maize in the third quarter of the year when the price of maize appreciates.
    • However, some stamp prices have appreciated at a much greater pace.
  • 2

    (be grateful for)
    I appreciate your help/kindness (te) agradezco tu ayuda/amabilidad
    • I'd appreciate it if you could let me know in advance le agradecería que me avisara con antelación
    • I'd appreciate it if you didn't shout te agradecería que no gritaras
    • If you have any of the above in your attic, they would gratefully appreciate your permission to use them on their site.
    • Despite all these potentially scaring experiences, I have certainly learned some good things along my way to finding love - like appreciating the good things when they come.
    • You could even be someone who lives abroad who enjoys and appreciates music that comes from Ireland.
    • But how many of them actually enjoyed and appreciated it was the question.
    • Others love working outdoors and appreciate the fact that they are not sitting at a desk all day.
    • Now I am back in my world and I love it and appreciate it in a way that I never could before.
    • Their support was greatly appreciated and all within the club are grateful for their help and co-operation.
    • We really appreciated her thoughtfulness and kindness and are very grateful for what she did to help our dog.
    • People are grateful for what I do for them, my colleagues appreciate my professionalism.
    • He had said that he enjoyed his meal and appreciated the care that went into its preparation.
    • I want to send her a card just to tell her that I love her and appreciate the things she has done for me.
    • I appreciate it that you enjoy my story and take the time to tell me your honest opinion!
    • I've been informed that the family appreciates the condolences of friends and are trying to find ways of burying him back in Bulgaria.
    • I would appreciate any information you have on Radar and dangers to health.
    • I would really appreciate any information any of you can give me about it.
    • Tullow gardaí have been informed of the incident and would appreciate any information.
    • If you could help me find him or if anyone has any information they can give me I would greatly appreciate it.
    • I would appreciate any relevant information as this is a very worrying time for me.
    • It was a hunting lodge, and I would appreciate information about that era and also of what it was before then.
    • We are still trying to trace the owner and would appreciate any information.
  • 3

    (danger/difficulties) darse cuenta de
    I do appreciate your reasons for being wary entiendo / comprendo muy bien los motivos de tu recelo
    • I didn't appreciate the difference no noté / percibí / aprecié la diferencia
    • I appreciate that this is a difficult time for you comprendo que / me hago cargo de que debes estar pasando por un momento difícil
    • I (can) appreciate that, but … te entiendo / lo comprendo / me hago cargo, pero …
    • The decision to allow the development was not taken lightly but with a view to the advantage to the many, whilst fully appreciating the disadvantages to the few.
    • Advanced nursing roles are an important development in primary care, but the implications have yet to be fully appreciated.
    • Anyone who drives along this road on a regular basis as I do, will fully understand and appreciate what I mean.
    • The first aerogels were made in the 1930s, but only now are scientists fully appreciating their full engineering potential.
    • The Court fully understands and appreciates that the first priority of the executive branch in a time of crisis is to ensure the physical security of its citizens.
    • Do you think the general public appreciates and fully understands the threats that global warming pose?
    • The thing about rally racing is it's not only about going from point A to B and memorizing a bunch of turns, but also fully understanding and appreciating the road, which can be both your friend and foe.
    • That may be so, but such readers would require a fairly high level of scientific understanding to appreciate the book fully.
    • To fully appreciate this documentary, you first need a brief primer on him.
    • Tokyo is of course a maritime city and a great port, but people who visit do not always fully appreciate this.
    • The speculative marketplace fully appreciates this dangerous dynamic, as the perception of endless global liquidity solidifies.
    • We fully appreciated the relatively speculative nature of that question.
    • You don't have to be a nuclear physicist to fully appreciate Copenhagen but it certainly does helps if you are.
    • We are setting a trap for New Zealanders who do not fully appreciate the way this legislation works.
    • Only through understanding and appreciating each other's perspective and mission can the conflict between utilitarians and humanitarians be reconciled.
    • Again, her achievements have even greater value when one appreciates that she has had asthma since she started training.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (increase in value)
    (shares/property/antiques) (re)valorizarse
    (shares/property/antiques) apreciarse formal