Translation of appreciatively in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈpriʃ(i)ədɪvli/ /əˈpriːʃ(ɪ)ətɪvli/


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    she smiled at him appreciatively le sonrió agradecida
    • the audience applauded appreciatively el público aplaudió en señal de apreciación
    • Furthermore, both my sister and mother-in-law have recently spent time in hospital, and they took spoke warmly and appreciatively of the care they received there.
    • And, slowly, she put one giant paw out, then the next, and padded out a couple of feet to stand, sniffing the air appreciatively, and gazing all about her.
    • I sipped, cautiously, and then slurped, appreciatively.
    • Once the ensuing reverential silence has descended, spoon out into bowls, inundate with custard and eat slowly and appreciatively.
    • There's no need to feel nervous about reading your work; members are more likely to coo appreciatively than tear your piece apart.