Translation of approach in Spanish:


acercarse, v.

Pronunciation /əˈproʊtʃ/ /əˈprəʊtʃ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/vehicle) acercarse
    (person/vehicle) aproximarse
    (summer/date) acercarse
    (summer/date) aproximarse
    the time is fast approaching when … se acerca rápidamente el momento en que …
    • The Mitta Mitta rose to the occasion with a river level of 1.7m, approaching the 2m cut-off mark when nobody is permitted to kayak or raft the river.
    • Second generation bean leaf beetles are emerging now and beetles numbers will be approaching their highest levels for the summer.
    • It also will be impossible for the two teams to approach the Bucs' level of effectiveness.
    • Thus, the number of proteins is approaching a meaningful level to cover a diverse set of potential therapeutic and toxicity targets.
    • The characterization of round pins as a late feature approaches a marginal level of significance.
    • In fact, in the third quarter, margins appear to have approached levels not seen since the peak of the earnings boom in 1997.
    • The strength of the evidence for selenium and prostate cancer approaches the highest level, but even so, questions remain about the wisdom of making recommendations.
    • The resultant plot does seem to show that the population is now approaching an asymptote (and has done so twice before).
    • Today I read the article about the world population approaching six billion.
    • This will result in a total immune population of 92%, which is approaching the level needed to prevent epidemics.
    • The ascent should then begin at whichever of two conditions arises first: the planned bottom time is reached, or cylinder pressure approaches the critical level.
    • The organization reports private label cheeses have been forced to raise their prices as well, often to levels approaching those of branded products.
    • Last April I wrote a column that suggested it was unwise to try to load the .45 Colt to levels approaching the .44 Magnum.
    • Three other marker pairs showed deviations approaching the 0.01 level.
    • Sales and gross margins at the Hopkinton (Mass.) company are approaching their boom-time levels.
    • No other country in the world approaches that level of spending as a fraction of national income, no matter how its medical care is organized.
    • As the voltage approaches the higher level, sulfur atoms at one end of the molecule loosen their chemical bonds with the wire, and the current drops off as the switchover occurs.
    • In Pisces, collective thinking approaches the most mystical level possible.
    • In May of 2nd grade, her total standardized test results approached the 90th percentile!
    • Their worldwide record sales are approaching the 100 million marker very fast.
    • In the distance could be heard approaching sirens.
    • I yelled, all of a sudden feeling frantic as I heard the train approaching the platform above me.
    • He could see, very faintly, a legion of soldiers in the distance, also approaching the forest.
    • I heard approaching footsteps and reached for the handle on the crawl space door, and tried to pull it closed.
    • You can imagine my surprise to hear a loud train whistle as I approached the track.
    • On another table sits a projector showing slides of a car approaching a picnic site near Montpelier on the French A9 autoroute.
    • Strange noises had echoed about ahead of him, sounds clearly defined, yet dim and distant as those he heard while approaching a bustling town from a distance.
    • Devin gets out of his car and approaches the front door, when suddenly he hears a blood-curdling scream.
    • A figure ran to me in a distance and as he approached waves of past forgotten dreams returned to me.
    • I've been taking to napping on the subway, and somehow have been honing this sixth sense about when the train is approaching my stop.
    • The train approaching platform two is also not going to Parsons Green but to Ealing Broadway.
    • It is not until the car approaches the outskirts of Reykjavik that I realise I am still on the map.
    • A patrol car nearby approached the bank and officers acting on the tip-off arrested the men outside the bank and quizzed them before they were released.
    • Both cars then approached a bend when the crash occurred.
    • As the car approached a garage it came almost to a stop.
    • My eyes were filled with wonder as I approached the tents and cars strewn about amongst the trees.
    • She has been trained to approach the table only at the exact moment when everyone's mouth is full.
    • The train approaches platform three, and I have an opportunity to hastily grab a photo before it stops.
    • There were two people in the car when the officers approached it.
    • Grabbing my camera and tripod from the car, I approached the nest.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (draw near to)
    (person/building/place) aproximarse a
    (person/building/place) acercarse a
    he was approaching 50 se acercaba a los 50
    • their sales will never approach ours sus ventas nunca alcanzarán el nivel de las nuestras ni mucho menos
    • something approaching half a kilo alrededor de medio kilo
  • 2

    (talk to)
    have you approached her about it? ¿ya se lo ha planteado?
    • he approached me for a loan/reference se dirigió a mí para pedirme un préstamo/una recomendación
    • several companies approached us varias compañías se pusieron en contacto con nosotros
    • she was approached by a man in the street un hombre la abordó en la calle
    • she approached me with an idea for a play me abordó para hablarme de una idea que tenía para una obra de teatro
    • to be easy/difficult to approach ser/no ser muy accesible
  • 3

    (tackle, deal with)
    (problem/question) enfocar
    (problem/question) abordar
    approach your subject with an open mind aborda el tema sin ideas preconcebidas
    • One of your arguments is that a relevant matter in approaching our constitutional problem is that the respondent is resident in South Australia.
    • We cannot have a situation in which 43 different police forces approach the same problem in 43 different ways.
    • In order not to be consumed by it, I have to approach difficult problems with a healthy detachment.
    • Once findings have been made, everybody must thereafter approach the case on the basis of the facts as judicially found.
    • The idea that all workers must work until they drop from exhaustion is to approach the problem from the wrong end.
    • There must be other ways to approach this problem than to lock the gate.
    • Had I asked a different engineer to the design the same linkage, that engineer might have approached the problem differently.
    • Used the right way, it prompts you to approach a troublesome situation differently.
    • This question may be approached by considering situations of the following kind.
    • Each new site, each budget, must be approached as a new problem, even while preserving the basic typology of the courtyard.
    • This work of transformation which I have come to think of as culture work must be approached carefully but with great conviction and effort.
    • Drainage is a clear example of an issue that must ultimately be approached regionally.
    • Furthermore, I am not persuaded that the issue of relevance must be approached differently with a different result because the context differs.
    • This issue must be approached from a policy perspective.
    • Therefore, as it seems to me, I must approach this on the basis that reasons are required to be given as of right.
    • Even with its inspired subject matter and casting, the movie seems to elude any sort of interesting way of approaching the eponymous subject matter.
    • He added that some flexibility must be introduced when approaching this important and sensitive economic and political issue.
    • The same ‘subject matter’ is approached here from several different perspectives.
    • This helps the children approach a highly emotional situation in a more objective manner.
    • Therefore, software installation must be approached with care, and with an eye toward the ultimate goal of the cluster's end users.


  • 1

    (method, outlook)
    enfoque masculine
    approach to sth
    • It equates belief systems with what informs your approach to a situation, and evaluates the system by the results.
    • You are diplomatic and cautious in your approach to sticky situations.
    • A major plus would be his measured approach to situations, giving due weight to consequences.
    • He also said that they would be taking a positive approach to the situation.
    • However, the horoscope does cause me to think about my approach to the situation.
    • Be human in your approach to this delicate situation and the employee will be that much more willing to listen to you.
    • It requires a generous approach to the situations in which privacy is to be protected.
    • I am flexible and open in my thinking and in my approach to different situations and I am comfortable with ambiguity.
    • That, I have to say, is a fundamentally stupid approach to the situation.
    • This top down perspective and methodology is the one-two-three approach to design.
    • By questioning the validity of the scientific method, the new approach to science education opens up a can of worms.
    • It is a fact that a strategic approach to tourism can only succeed if the product infrastructure is in place.
    • Which means making sure I'm near the front of the line on opening day and a systematic approach to acquisition.
    • This is a situation which bespeaks an amateurish approach to football administration.
    • An alternate solution is to adopt a holistic philosophy and approach to any nursing situation.
    • This is why a multilayered approach to cyber system defenses is necessary.
    • Restoring the heart with the help of a plastic shaper is a new approach to a procedure that has been around for more than 20 years.
    • The design and methods are a reasonable approach to study the association between modifiable risk factors and injury from car crashes.
    • Load management is a systematic approach to control the operation of electrical equipment.
    • He said instead, deciding that wouldn't be the best approach to getting his way.
  • 2

    (offering sth) propuesta feminine
    (requesting sth) solicitud feminine
    (requesting sth) petición feminine
    (requesting sth) pedido masculine Latin America
    to make approaches / an approach to sb hacerle una propuesta (or una solicitud etc.) a algn
    • I've had an approach from a publisher he recibido una propuesta de una editorial
    • we have received several approaches for help hemos recibido varias peticiones / pedidos de ayuda
    • She said a survey had been carried out in Tosside following an approach from a planning agent on behalf of a local landowner.
    • It has already indicated that it has received an approach from a mystery bidder now known to be a private equity group.
    • The company is braced for an approach from its German rival with a plan that will see them merge their core operations.
    • He turned down an approach from one man who claimed hearing loss after going to a gig because of the lack of legal precedent for such an action.
    • He was due to have pre-season trials with Essex before deciding to accept the approach from Yorkshire.
    • We had what was an approach from her ex-husband, who was inquiring about the mother of the child.
    • The Stamford Bridge club have admitted there has been an approach from Celtic to take him on loan.
    • Industry sources say it is expecting a formal approach from the German company soon.
    • Sources there say they now expect an approach from the German company within a month.
    • They finished in positive territory despite rejecting a merger approach from another bank.
    • He says that there has been no approach from he Dublin developer about the company.
    • It has also received an approach from the financier, who is understood to have offered more.
    • We met an uncooperative approach from the claimant's solicitors which put us to expense in itself.
    • Fortunately the semester ended before I received an approach from You Know Who.
    • For instance, we also received an approach from these people.
    • After an approach from the north Dubliner, he issued three of his records in 1996.
    • He took the company private because he was fending off an approach from his finance director.
    • He didn't seem as friendly for the rest of the evening as his initial approach had suggested, and I walked home thoughtfully.
    • It shouldn't be a confrontational approach but a polite request that something is not right.
    • Businesses should ignore any approach from this firm, and any similar offers.
  • 3

    (drawing near)
    (lights/speed) (before noun) Aviation de aproximación
    he looked up at my approach levantó la vista cuando me acerqué
    • he announced the troops' approach anunció que las tropas se estaban acercando / aproximando
    • at the approach of winter al acercarse el invierno
    • the pilot made his approach el piloto efectuó las maniobras de aproximación
    • The approach and landing were uneventful and the crew and aircraft were recovered safely.
    • He set up for a half-flap approach and lowered the landing gear with the emergency system.
    • Keep the ball in the middle in all phases of the approach to align the aircraft for maximum efficiency.
    • I thought you were tossed around like a rag doll on final landing approach because you were flying too slow.
    • The Gary airport was small and grassy so I made a nice easy approach and landing.
    • The airplane was observed on a three-mile final approach when it entered a left bank.
    • That, combined with the landing weight, explained the high approach and landing speed.
    • A downhill runway may cause you to fly a too-high approach, and an overshoot would be likely.
    • The crew had time to concentrate on the approach as we descended through the clouds.
    • In this case, the best plan is to have a very shallow approach and a slow descent rate.
    • Landing with one failed engine is very unforgiving; you have to get it right on the first approach.
    • Transition from flying Cessnas to Pipers and see how much more aware it makes you of all aspects of the approach.
    • You could even fly the entire approach at 70 knots if there was no need to expedite for other traffic.
    • The second approach was a little fast and one wing high but we got on the runway.
  • 4

    (means of entering)
    acceso masculine
    all approaches to the city were blocked todos los accesos a la ciudad estaban bloqueados
    • the approach to the harbor is very narrow la entrada al puerto es muy estrecha
    • Three new pedestrian islands will be built and an anti-skid coating applied in Brunshaw Road on the approaches to the roundabout.
    • The war caused the temporary suspension of this plan; nevertheless, a sum of £6,600 was spent on concreting the quay roads and approaches to the berths.
    • The minehunters had been in the area clearing unexploded weapons, including mines, from the approaches to the port.
    • There the King learned that a formidable French fleet lay at anchor in the mouth of the Zwyn, guarding the approaches to Bruges.
    • The 30 mph limit should stay except in the approaches to schools, hospitals, old folks homes etc. where the limit should be 15 mph and strictly enforced.
    • In the jungle, fighting patrols are guarding the surrounding villages and watching the approaches to the capital to monitor the activity of the rebels.
    • That brings traffic problems as drivers jostle for spaces or park thoughtlessly blocking entrances, bus stops and the approaches to pedestrian crossings.
    • Using canoes they penetrated the enemy's shipping lines in the approaches to Singapore and placed limpet mines destroying three vessels.
    • This in turn would allow major improvements in the capacity of the route and would also provide time savings for long distance services on the approaches to Dublin.
    • By our English law there is a public right of passage through our navigable channels, whether in a port or the approaches to it.
    • Adare port need not have existed at all if the approaches to Limerick docks were better.
    • Aircraft patrolled the approaches to ports looking for German and Japanese submarines.
    • He also suggested larger warning signs, the cross hatching of the left hand lane and better lighting on the approaches to major junctions.
    • The first part of a plan to upgrade a number of locations in Clogh Village has been the provision of rumble strips and school warning signs on the approaches to the village and the National School.
    • But there are limits to the number of new or wider roads that can be constructed, and the approaches to towns and cities are already becoming a concrete jungle.
    • It isn't so long since we were carrying stories and readers' letters complaining about the state of the railway embankments on the approaches to Bradford.
    • A long string of cars behind his vehicle testified to the jammed approaches to the major artery out of Downtown.
    • If we wish to brighten up one of the busiest approaches to the city, why stop at Oak Lane?
    • It gave a commanding view over the approaches to the farm, and there wasn't a single watchman; there were two of them, each marching half the walkway's circuit.
    • Those corridors provided natural approaches to the Ledo Road.
  • 5

    approach to sth aproximación a algo
  • 6also approach shot

    golpe de aproximación masculine