Traducción de approachable en Español:


accesible, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈproʊtʃəb(ə)l/ /əˈprəʊtʃəb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (person) accesible
    (person) asequible
    she's not very approachable no es muy accesible / asequible
    • We want our nationbuilders to be open, approachable, and easy to communicate with.
    • Ask anyone in the press about Henry and they'll tell you how affable, friendly, approachable and humble Henry is.
    • The reason we chose Amy is that she's got a really open face and it's friendly and approachable.
    • In spite of the run-down facilities, the ma-and-pop owners and the friendliest and most approachable people in Hong Kong.
    • Have you ever wondered why we make such a huge effort to try to appear nice, approachable and friendly, while the real person might just be the opposite of all that?
    • He is a very approachable man and easy to converse with.
    • She's like all the other hot dog vendors: friendly, approachable, warm.
    • This person must be personable, friendly and approachable.
    • They were friendly, approachable and passionate, and I still think of them every time I play their album.
    • Jane is certainly very friendly and approachable and one criticism has been that she should write more about what she knows.
    • He just looks a lot less intimidating now, and more friendly and approachable.
    • Students would not be selected on such subjective criteria as whether they looked friendly and approachable.
    • I was secretly relieved that my appointments were with a friendly and approachable dental hygienist.
    • I enter the changing room with some trepidation but she could not be friendlier or more approachable.
    • Once the other locals notice you are approachable and downright friendly fellows, they too may step up to help get you drunk.
    • Most of all, though, he was friendly and approachable.
    • The man behind the counter looked, if not friendly, at least approachable.
    • More of his toothy grin, that's for sure, but he's a friendly and approachable guy regardless.
    • I love how the people are friendly and approachable, but not provincial.
    • So in addition to being available and approachable, make time during the day to informally interact with staffers.
  • 2

    (place) accesible
    the place is only approachable by air solo se puede acceder / llegar al lugar por avión
    • This pass, like much of the approachable areas of the Wall is visited by Chinese tourists fortunate to have enough free time for a cultural holiday.
    • It was impossible to reach from our bank through the trees, and approachable only from the trickiest of angles on the opposite side.
    • These elements were never approachable; they were viewed from afar, atop viewing towers or from the safety of a path.
    • The tower was only approachable from the outside by climbing onto the roof of the mansion using a ladder.
    • The headland it was built on forms a natural stronghold with the sea on three sides and is only approachable from the north.
    • Unable to bear the thought of burying their loved one at sea, the heartbroken parents waited until later the next day when they found a small, approachable island, with a short gravel beach on which to land the ship.