Translation of approbation in Spanish:


aprobación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæprəˈbeɪʃən/ /ˌaprəˈbeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    aprobación feminine
    • His participation in the parade implies acceptance, approval, approbation.
    • The end result is an unremarkable, unmemorable movie that deserves neither praise nor approbation.
    • There are no prizes for guessing what value he places on each: bourgeois is always a term of abuse, revolutionary almost always a term of approbation.
    • There is an unmistakable note of approbation here, even admiration; unusual for the museum except where the activist agenda is involved.
    • Yet there's no widely used term of approbation for the other kind of reporting.
    • They deserve credit, approbation, applause and salutations for this achievement.
    • Practically, this could be difficult given security concerns and, I suspect, some fair general approbation in smaller, more conservative communities.
    • Indeed, women's encouragement and approbation of violent acts in war have added to men's satisfaction in committing these acts.
    • Thus he established the peasant proprietorship, and won approbation and support of the overwhelming majority of the population.
    • Upon completion of the reference to the Master, her determination and approval, shall require approbation by this court.
    • However, Shakespeare's attempts to locate himself within a literary tradition were not always met with such approbation.
    • Imagine needing the comfort of popular approbation so badly that you would voluntarily comb through movie award nominations in search of comforting zeitgeist pellets!
    • And they don't get very much approbation for it.
    • The writer is expecting a certain amount of attention and courtesy and interest and perhaps approbation, but it always seems to be a kind of Roman arena sometimes, where the writer is thrown in to be savaged.
    • You cannot have two mega-personalities in a relationship where both are needy, egotistical, insecure and dependent on public approbation.
    • Was it observation, approbation or disapproval?
    • Unlike those who were angling for jobs or social approbation or credibility among the beltway elites, we just said what we thought.
    • It is wholly unsurprising that in the macho world of sports that an item like this would gain attention and approbation.
    • His ambition for approbation sets bounds and limits to his ambition, so to speak.
    • The approbation he received when he took off in an amazingly cool style was the loudest heard that afternoon.