Translation of appropriation in Spanish:


apropiación, n.

Pronunciation /əˌproʊpriˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /əˌprəʊprɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/

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    apropiación feminine
    • To use that intellectual property for private purposes - or not to share that information with the public - is just as serious an offence against the public as any other appropriation of public property for private purposes.
    • This provides that a person's appropriation of another's property is not to be regarded as dishonest if he believes that he has the right in law to deprive the other of it.
    • Rock music is one of the few means of expression that remains a strong voice, despite the effects of co-option and appropriation.
    • As one moves further from the Wiccan mainstream, neopaganism's eclectic quality - its status as a religion of appropriation - becomes yet more obvious.
    • He believes cultural appropriation is ‘artistically wrong.’
    • Or is it merely appropriation of the latest fad?
    • He was indicted on four counts of theft and one count of fraudulent appropriation of property.
    • A more serious issue is the appropriation of money and resources.
    • They facilitate the appropriation of vast tracts of forest land for purposes of industry.
    • The cynics among us may decry the appropriation of a heartwarming symbol for the sale of soft drinks.
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    (of funds)
    asignación feminine
    • So he's going to remind us that our homeland is more secure, but it needs to be even more secure yet, meaning appropriations of money.
    • I think there will be money in a supplemental appropriation as early as next week.
    • The responsibility rests entirely with Congress allocating the appropriations required and with the executive branch of the Government.
    • I want to talk about an issue that relates to the appropriations and where more money will be sent.
    • And last week, a Senate subcommittee on homeland security appropriations tried to cut funding to mass transit.
    • Although Congress has scrutinized the subsidy almost annually and until 1993 required annual renewals, its character as a tax appropriation has made the subsidy less publicly visible.
    • A much bigger threat to our freedom is an overweening state that plays on our fears to justify the appropriation of even more money to special interests, the mobilization of which will ensure that it stays in power.
    • And a private member's bill is legislation covering anything other than legislation imposing or varying a tax or requiring the appropriation of revenue.
    • Congress actually passed a bill which made Sunday closing a condition for the appropriation of federal money.
    • Thus air defense planners competed against fellow Army Air Forces officers in the struggle to obtain appropriations.
    • And Mary and I attended one of her workshops to learn how to get appropriations for work-well projects in our state.
    • Despite these cuts and the appropriation of local tax revenues, the state government will have to borrow $17.2 billion through bond sales and pass on $8 billion in debt to the next fiscal year.
    • To make the appropriation of sale tax revenue more palatable, proponents labeled it a ‘sporting goods’ tax.
    • Besides, billions of dollars already pay for infrastructure through bonds, direct appropriations and federal funding.
    • Significant lags, for example, exist between appropriations for state construction projects and actual construction activity.
    • The remaining $11.1 million will come from state appropriations for capital projects.
    • Budget allocations and appropriations must be made individually during each year of the program.
    • Some in Congress are trying to find a steadier funding stream for port security than appropriations.
    • The requirement of a legislative appropriation applies to an expenditure by the Crown to perform a contract no less than an expenditure for any other purpose.
    • The bill called for a modest appropriation of five million dollars per year to launch the project.
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    (in US government)
    partida feminine
    asignación feminine
    the House/Senate Appropriations Commitee el Comité de gastos de la Cámara de Representantes/del Senado