Translation of approve in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈpruv/ /əˈpruːv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to approve of sth/sb
    do you approve? ¿le parece bien?
  • 2

    (agree formally)
    dar su aprobación
    dar su visto bueno
    if the boss approves, we can start immediately si el jefe da su aprobación / su visto bueno, podemos empezar inmediatamente
    • Councillors agreed to approve the proposals, so care home residents would not be disturbed by construction work.
    • If the Parliament approves proposals, it is possible for the Council to pass legislation by a majority vote instead of requiring unanimous approval from the members of the Council.
    • A huge expansion of a busy supermarket has been approved by planning officials.
    • When, in the course of administering town planning, a public planning authority approves an application by or on behalf of a landholder to use land for a more intensive use, the value of the land is increased.
    • The European Parliament approves the EU's budget, and co-decides most EU legislation with the Council of Ministers, which comprises the 15 member states.
    • The parliament promulgates laws, approves the national budget, monitors the legality of governmental activities, and, in concert with the president, exerts legislative power.
    • The regulations must be laid before Parliament and are to lapse at the end of 7 days unless in that time each House of Parliament passes a resolution approving them.
    • Other citizens in attendance support the plan, and the committee approves the proposal.
    • If our budget proposals are not approved by the House, we can use the previous budget.
    • If they approve the proposals, the plans will go to the Scottish Executive for consideration.
    • If councillors approve the latest proposals to the district plan it could be adopted by the end of May.
    • Members voted to approve the plans claiming the proposals were in accordance with policy and that there was both local and historic interest.
    • These potentially conflicting imperatives can be reconciled if the senate approves course descriptions whenever relevant professional standards have been satisfied.
    • All three have said they proposed to approve the plans, subject to the Secretary of State's views.
    • What we have here as a problem is a lack of prudence in approving a loan proposal.
    • School trustees may have scored a goal with young athletes Monday night, approving a specialized sports course to be launched from Palmer secondary this fall.
    • ‘Even if the Committee, Council and the State Government approves our proposal, we will have to clear all legal hurdles before we implement it,’ the official added.
    • Despite this presidential warning shot, the Senate narrowly approved both amendments.
    • The Prime Minister approved the request on 9 February 1962.
    • The authority has a month to decide either to approve the merger or to carry out a more detailed investigation.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (sanction, agree)
    (decision/plan/action) aprobar
    the plan has finally been approved by the board el plan ha sido finalmente aprobado por la junta
  • 2

    (officially recognize)
    (institution) acreditar
    an approved campsite/method un camping/método autorizado
  • 3formal

    (agree with)
    estar de acuerdo con
    I can't say I approve his methods no puedo decir que estoy de acuerdo con sus métodos