There are 2 main translations of apt in Spanish

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acertado, adj.

Pronunciation /æpt/ /apt/

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  • 1

    (fitting, suitable)
    (remark) acertado
    (remark) oportuno
    (remark) apropiado
    (name) apropiado
    (name) acertado
    • Delicious decadence dripped from the setting, giving a perfectly apt description of the scene.
    • But in the context of the American culture wars in the political arena, it's an entirely apt and appropriate choice.
    • There is no basis for inferring that a different form would have been likely to have been apt or appropriate or sought out.
    • This may be correct as a statement of general principle, but it is not apt in the circumstances of this case.
    • Blunt secateurs would be a more apt description, only less useful.
    • In many cases this description is still apt for onlookers.
    • It really does look like a jungle, so his description was apt.
    • And empirical work will be needed to see whether it is indeed a more apt description of innovation.
    • However, both adjectives provide apt descriptions of those scientists in my Rhodes class.
    • I laughed when I read it because it is such an apt and true description of where I've ended up.
    • The revelations of Monday indicate just how apt both those descriptions have turned out to be.
    • That's an apt description of the political leadership class.
    • I spoke to two senior players last night and it is apt to say that they are confused.
    • Kate moulded the format of a traditional Irish Blessing into a toast that was clever, entertaining and apt for the occasion.
    • In fact he is an excellent reader of poetry and has a fine eye for selecting apt and surprising examples.
    • Therefore, it may be apt to search for physical problems underlying the Prophet's mental troubles.
    • Ask her if she ever thought it necessary to learn acting, and the answer is an apt no.
    • Not completely traditional, it was an apt end to a fine conference.
    • There is apt humor here and no less apt insight into the deviousness of the psyche.
    • The hat, as opposed to helmet, made for a cute and apt symbol for this.
  • 2

    to be apt to + inf ser propenso / tener tendencia / tender a + inf
    • Down toward this latter end of the spectrum are folks who are more than ordinarily apt to confuse the wish and the deed, the belief and the fact.
    • But the language of liberty and freedom is apt to be confusing in these areas.
    • We have an innate tendency to avoid pain, and therefore we are apt to conjure up rationalizations that justify our behavior.
    • This is the kind of non-controversy that is apt to generate more confusion than clarity.
    • The second sentence of that statement is elliptical, and the whole statement is apt to cause confusion.
    • In such circumstances car journalists are apt to talk about poor rear seat or limited boot space, or the complicated satellite navigation system.
    • Because they had such a lions share of the search market they were apt to be under heavy pressures of fraud and manipulation.
    • Intuitions are apt to differ, for example, regarding the existence of a moral obligation to pay for the wine delivered to your home by mistake.
    • So long as the global economy continues to rebound, the outlook for commodities is apt to stay bright.
    • Due to my mother's fear she tried to teach me well, and I learned, I just wasn't apt to showing it.
    • He says that a bowler who learns only by experience is apt to know more about what not to do than what to do.
    • You are less apt to waste time making decisions, and you are quick to act on your ideas.
  • 3

    (clever, quick)
    apt at sth/-ing bueno para algo/+ inf
    • He was a monk and maverick philosopher; she, the apt and eager pupil.
    • He regarded him with a mild smile and slight shake of his head, just like a teacher might regard an apt, but lazy pupil.
    • They are apt pupils of his bible, a.k.a. the F.A.Q. section of his Web site.
    • David had been busy with Rose, who was definitely a more apt pupil with Dog Speak than Harry had been with sailing language.
    • She becomes quite the apt pupil for him, becoming much like him but resenting him as well.
    • As his photo attests, he's also been an apt pupil of bodybuilding for the past five years.
    • Adam proved himself a wonderful teacher while James fit the role of apt pupil perfectly.
    • It takes one of apt intellectual capacity to be able to process that entire sentence.
    • At school he was an apt scholar, and could talk readily in Greek at 15.
    • The skillful presentation of the research shows that he has been an apt scholar in the school of Western methodology.
    • The HOPE Scholarship was put in place more than anything to keep the apt students within the state.

There are 2 main translations of APT in Spanish

: apt1APT2


AVE, n.


  • 1

    tren de alta velocidad
    (en España) AVE masculine