Translation of aptitude in Spanish:


aptitud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæptəˌt(j)ud/ /ˈaptɪtjuːd/


  • 1

    aptitud feminine
    aptitude for sth aptitud para algo
    • He had previously believed that he did not have a natural aptitude for learning languages, through his experiences at school.
    • A similar argument could be made for selecting children with an aptitude for music, he went on.
    • Secondly these students deserve the chance to overcome this initial hiccup, to show whatever aptitudes, abilities they have.
    • The new middle-class epistemology concentrated on a connection between physical aptitudes and mental ability, making alleged distinctions between male and female anatomy.
    • Discovering you have a natural talent or aptitude for something feels good.
    • Not everyone has the aptitude or ability to do everything.
    • The truth, of course, is that there is no difference between selection by aptitude and selection by ability.
    • The group rapidly bypassed disciplinary differences to focus on a common set of preferred aptitudes and abilities associated with critical thinking, reading, and writing.
    • I have a knowledge of their abilities and aptitudes that I would not get from a traditional one semester class.
    • Also, do taller women have a higher ratio of mathematical and spatial reasoning aptitudes to verbal aptitudes as compared to shorter women?
    • My ideology holds men to be equal to women, and to me as an individual, in their abilities and aptitudes to communicate and understand the spoken word.
    • He has leadership ability and the aptitude to learn from mistakes.
    • On Monday, it was to the driving range, where I rediscovered my startling aptitude for slicing the ball, though I was relieved to make contact at all.
    • But Brad never got his sea legs, showing an early aptitude for skating on ice rather than sailing on water.
    • My only assumption is that an aptitude for law school exists and that it can, to some extent, be measured.
    • There are 21 priority places available for students on the basis of their aptitude for the Performing Arts each year.
    • An aptitude for dealing in stock and runs, and in accumulating capital and assets, soon became apparent.
    • I am asked for my view on the Olympic Games, which is that they affirm the British aptitude for sports that involve sitting down.
    • They also have a remarkable aptitude for spreading the word virally when they discover something that excites them.
    • Was it around that age that you realized that you had an aptitude for the instrument?