Translation of aptness in Spanish:


lo acertado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæp(t)nəs/ /ˈap(t)nəs/


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    lo acertado
    • I didn't need to extend myself very far to see the aptness of the simile - the frill could be the white chuti that frames the Kathakali dancer's face and the changing colours akin to the dancer's colours.
    • The aptness of exile as a description of the modern condition affirms our movement away from or out of the sacred landscape, even if only through nature's erasure or desecration.
    • Moreover, as his case shows, the longer a pontificate lasts, the greater the likelihood that a name chosen in good faith will outlive its aptness.
    • Turning this quote on its head, one can confidently say that readers have proved this paradise allegory's aptness over and over again.
    • It is not without a certain aptness, then, that the Southerner's chosen drink is called moonshine.