Translation of Aquarian in Spanish:


Acuario, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkwɛriən/ /əˈkwɛːrɪən/


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    Acuario masculine, feminine
    acuario masculine, feminine
    acuariano masculine
    acuariana feminine
    Aquarians are creative los (de) Acuario / los del signo de Acuario / los acuarianos son creativos
    • Like all air signs, Aquarians carry the double-edged gift of being able to detach their reason from their emotions, allowing them to rationalise their feelings and override base instincts or lustful passions.
    • Very philosophical, Aquarians tend to be very tolerant of other faiths and cultures, and of all of the signs, Aquarians are least likely to be troubled by entering a mixed faith marriage.
    • There are two types of Aquarians when it comes to sex.
    • Whatever route they take, whether rebels or homecoming queens, Libras, Gemini and Aquarians need to be part of it.
    • It may not surprise you Aquarians to learn that your sign governs electricity.


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    de los (de) Acuario