Translation of aquatic in Spanish:


acuático, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈkwɑdɪk/ /əˈkwædɪk/ /əˈkwatɪk/ /əˈkwɒtɪk/

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    • The second phase includes an aquatic center with water slides, and a third phase includes an auditorium that can be converted into an indoor soccer facility.
    • They rise out of the water like aquatic chook pens.
    • The second part of the plan is meant to set up standards to ensure that enough water always remains in rivers to support the aquatic environment.
    • Both land and water dwellers believe in river spirits, and aquatic masquerades reflect a shared ethos.
    • For more than a decade, Lismore City Council has been testing the waters for a new aquatic facility for the city.
    • It causes major environmental problems in freshwater aquatic habitats.
    • Up close, looking at a typical Tomaselli is like looking through water into an artificial aquatic world.
    • The general consensus seems to be that this particular aquatic adventure is too water logged for its own good.
    • Even the water park, which will be part of an Olympic-size aquatic centre, will have a Christian theme, with laser shows depicting Bible stories such as Jonah and the whale and David and Goliath.
    • So, imagine my surprise when I turned my masked face into the water and had a thriving aquatic housing project revealed to me in all its glory.
    • The riverfront can be an aquatic center, complete with speedboats for water skiing.
    • Work is continuing on the Clodiagh river to improve the aquatic environment by reducing pollution and preventing the river bed from drying up in summer.
    • And you can add the other stories about the aquatic divers who will reach the Convention Center under water.
    • I mean this is a great sport for the Olympics, they've got these wonderful aquatic centres built for every Olympics, you'd love to be in one of those, wouldn't you?
    • Early morning swimmers, those in the club for competition, water polo, canoe polo, underwater hockey, and mere sun lovers all find what they want at the town's aquatic centre.
    • I'm not surprised about the $10 million cost of the aquatic facility at the Memorial Baths site.
    • An aquatic centre, due for completion in 2006, will provide two 50-metre pools and other facilities, whether or not the London Olympics bid succeeds.
    • Yes, I'd read the brochures describing the sun-drenched charms, magnificent reefs and warm summer seas of Malta and it seemed like the perfect setting for my aquatic adventure.
    • The camp facilities have classrooms for teaching music, art, drama, aquatic study, etc.
    • Besides the amusing circus and aquatic performances, visitors can have their pictures taken with a well-dressed bear or a large, semi-comatose tiger.