Translation of aquatint in Spanish:


aguatinta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑkwəˌtɪnt/ /ˈækwəˌtɪnt/ /ˈakwətɪnt/


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    aguatinta feminine
    • A recent exhibit of his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art featured his carborundum prints, his etchings, lithographs, aquatints and watercolors.
    • These would include nine drawings, 11 lithographs, seven etchings, four aquatints, two linocuts, two round dish prints and a set of eight ceramic plates.
    • He created lithographs, etchings, drypoints, lino cuts, woodcuts and aquatints.
    • Her exceptional use of tone in the aquatints enriches the etchings and adds, in a moving and dramatic way, to the narratives that are always her main drive.
    • The artists took incredible care in producing the original watercolors, engravings, lithographs and aquatints.
    • Most of the drawings, etchings and aquatints that convey his bitter contempt and passionate despair for what the artist saw as a Spanish hell on earth remained unknown to the public until after his death.
    • Eighteen pieces range from early bronzes through mask-like aquatints and oil portraits of his sister Marguerite to a late and joyful cobalt-blue paper cut-out of a nude.
    • Since 1960 she has also made aquatints, lithographs, and woodcuts; in 1964 she began to work in ceramics, and in 1972 she made her first sculpture.
    • Restless and questioning, the works - from oils to aquatints, from pencil drawings to etchings - explore combinations of guilt and salvation, with New Zealand-issue Calvinism and Catholicism fighting the good fight all the way.
    • Delicate aquatints hang above collections of old tin toys.
    • As large as the Sebron aquatints, they sold for the same price, even though they were the product of a less expensive technique.
    • There is every evidence to say that he altered it in order to get better sales of the aquatint, because that was the image of him as a martyr that was already popular.
    • The texture of the revolving bowl and the softness of the reflection convert the view into an eighteenth century aquatint in which motor cars seem as delicate and exotica as sedan chairs.