Translation of aquiline in Spanish:


aguileño, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈækwəˌlaɪn/ /ˈækwəˌlɪn/ /ˈakwɪlʌɪn/


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    aquilino literary
    • The new vocation would draw upon his curiosity, but mainly on his looks, his special features: the characteristic oval face, aquiline nose and shocking white beard.
    • All you see are his twinkling eyes and the top of an aquiline nose.
    • She stared at the crowd with enormous owl-like eyes that blinked in mechanical measure just above a slight aquiline nose.
    • There's the bold, aquiline nose, to be sure; the high, intelligent forehead and strong chin.
    • Only five feet tall, she was plump, with an aquiline nose and large eyes.
    • Today his tall frame is clad in a shirt with notably large blue checks; his jet black hair is immaculately cut, setting off a strong, aquiline nose.
    • It was an almost unreasonably handsome face, the sharp chiseled cheekbones and slightly aquiline nose lending it an air of aristocracy she had not expected to find in a small Virginia town in the middle of nowhere.
    • She was compassionate and spontaneous - a handsome if not conventionally beautiful woman with hazel eyes and a distinctive aquiline nose.
    • Her nose was aquiline, and fit her face perfectly.
    • His nose was aquiline and thin, but not too long.
    • The prominent nasal bones in Neandertal skulls top wide nasal openings, suggesting that they sported large, aquiline noses.
    • The man's skin was almost as parchment-like as Lord Scion's was, and an aquiline nose jutted out from the man's bony cheeks.
    • Wayne replied gently as he placed Grandma Eva's cola-framed spectacles on top of her aquiline nose.
    • It is sensitively modeled to portray the aquiline nose and almond-shaped eyes of the king.
    • The girl had a lovely face with an aquiline nose, a broad full mouth and eyes like blue sapphires.
    • She took note of his strong aquiline nose and his blue eyes sparkling with amusement.
    • With his fair hair, strong jaw line, light blue eyes and aquiline nose, he could easily have just walked out of the Scottish Highlands and into the bar at London's Marriott Hotel.
    • Age had ravaged his features, but his nose remained aquiline and his eyes sharp.
    • His teeth were very even and his nose aquiline - almost sharp.
    • Her nose narrowed and took on an aquiline cast, while her forehead receded from her brow.