Translation of Arab in Spanish:


árabe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrəb/ /ˈarəb/


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  • 2Arab", "arab

    (of a horse)
    • But, caught on the continent's horn, it isn't of Africa - it is neither Arab north nor Bantu south.
    • In other words, seven-eighths of ancient Palestine now makes up Arab states, predominantly Jordan and Syria.
    • The main markets were in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the US and Arab countries.
    • Improvements have occurred in Bangladesh, Pakistan and most Arab States.
    • Here's a piece about a public health magazine founded last year in Jerusalem and run by Jewish and Arab doctors.
    • These are only a tiny fraction of the theories given by Arab viewers but, for the sake of brevity, I will not recount them all.
    • But it wasn't until nearly 300 years later that Arab traders began to boil or roast these precious beans.
    • It was here that he helped draw together the previously warring Arab tribes into a fighting force capable of attacking the Turkish enemy.
    • The heart of the book is a trip to Egypt, where the writer attempts to ‘understand Arab culture’.
    • The ambassador returned to Alexandria's Arab quarter, disguised in a red tarboosh.
    • Likewise, Arab sailors carried back ship loads of handicrafts from India.
    • One of the problems has been the shortage of Arab speakers.
    • In the past, several Arab leaders buttressed the feeling of Arab unity.
    • Iraq, that legendary bastion of Arab culture and letters, is not represented in Frankfurt, by the way.


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    árabe masculine, feminine
    • Henceforth, he insisted that he was Emperor not only of the French but also of the North African Arabs.
    • Trans-Sahara trade with North Africans and Arabs began to transform these northern societies greatly.
    • Nearly 300,000 North African Arabs, for example, fought in the ranks of the Free French.
    • Though some members are Kurds, many are thought to be Arabs from around the Middle East.
    • In 711 the peninsula was separated dramatically from the rest of Europe by an invasion of Arabs and Berbers from North Africa.
    • There has been a drop in the number of Asians, Africans and Arabs coming to the US.
    • Later, with the fall of the empire, it was settled by Germanic Visigoths, then Arabs and Moors.
    • It's on a par with exporting sand to the Arabs - an Englishman is selling haggis to the Scots.
    • With the signing of Zidane many French people and Arabs became Real Madrid fans.
    • Assyrians were in the region long before the British, the Ottomans, the Arabs, and the Kurds.
    • Residents of Kirkuk are divided in roughly equal parts among three ethnic groups, Arabs, Turkmen, and Kurds.
    • I visited it with a group called Chefs For Peace, which includes Arabs, Palestinians and Jews.
    • Also present are Arabs as well as Asians whose ancestors came from India and Pakistan.
    • They share their classrooms with Arabs, Africans, and Vietnamese.
    • The history of the Roman Empire figures in this story, but so do the Arabs and the Germans and the Slavs.
  • 2Arab", "arab

    caballo árabe masculine